The Now

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Warning :mature content .enjoy

I'm in a life without a home so this recognitions not enough
I don't care about nobody else
Cause I've been on these streets way too long
Baby I've been on this too long
Cause getting faded too long
Got me on this rolling stone
So I take another hit
Kill another serotonin
With a hand full of beans
And a chest full of weed
Got me singing bout a bitch
While I'm blowing out my steam
Yea I know I got my issues
Why you think I fckin' flow?
And I'ma keep on smoking 'til I can't hit another note
Oooo, but until then

"I just love this song!!"someone shouted ,interrapting the beautiful noise busting from the stereo,murmus could be heard from the corners of the crowded room,some agreed some cursed her out,but its magic had been ruined,the once silent group was now talking over the music. The room had a red glow made prominent by the weed smoke being exhaled by most people,the song was dead on, describing the scene perfectly,expensive bottles of vodka and champagne blended with the decor,the micro minis and booty shorts completed the look,as the 'ladies' moved around entertaining the important looking male population ,but the center of attention was on the middle table ,the stars who had made this happen.

"Do we have to leave today??" Disappointment covered the otherwise handsome face,blue eyes,blond hair,pouty lips and that smile had a name 'panty droper',looking desperately at the people seated around him.

"Shut it Demian,you know we have to," come the response from the star table where they were all seated,the deep voice from his left.

"f*ck u, Angelo, " Demain responded venom lacing his words but a small smile showed there was no hard feelings,

"Sorry baby someone beat you to it" Angelo made his point clear as he kissed the pretty blond on his lap,then he smiled back at Demain who ignored him,

"I think they have started already,she is half naked." Another patron commented which was followed by a comical gasp from the blond and a roar of laughter Angelo included.

"Are u all ready for this?" "I don't like disappointment!" The voice was authoritative yet sensual husky and everything nice.the blond had turned towards the voice visible shaken gasping like a bitch in heat,her eyes raped him,her non existent dress betrayed her, as two little peaks could be seen on her chest,he just glanced at her his dark eyes roaming her body curiously,he seemed to have found what they were looking for coz a smile teased his lips ,he licked them slowly,'blondy' half dead by now,and Angelo made it worse slipping his hand under the dress,moving in sync with the eyes

"I always get what I want,I do not fail,so be ready,we leaving today," his eyes were still on 'blondy' who was by now a bundle of nerves on Angelo's lap,whimpering ,begging for something she didn't know,the hand was still moving under the material,she was looking at him directly waiting,hoping but for what? She didn't know.

"Yes Sebastian," the three men opposite him answered.

"Now cum" Sebastian commanded 'blondy' who laid her head on Angelo's shoulder and did just that,shaking and mourning.

"Shit S how do u do that!!?" Mark asked ,clearly fascinated by 'blondy' who was still riding the clouds,

Sebastian smiled,took a long drag of the joint on his hand,exhaled making hoops in the air,it was a sight to see ,the room smells and sounds,the people wasted and happy about it and sebastian with his devilish good looks,sex appeal and something more reeking from his black clad physic.He was home and king of everything.He made himself comfortable on his 'throne' the dark completely swallowing him.

"By the way, the NY Times is sending a journalist, you made the cover,"Mark said,gazing at the dark shadow.

"I can't wait" Sebastian responded,at that moment 'blondy' collapsed on the the table,finally back to reality,laughter once again filled the table.


"Please don't do this,its suicide!!." She shreiked jumping on the bed trying to stop her best friend from in her opinion the worst mistake of her life.The bed creaked breaking the serene environment of the richly varnished studio apartment, judging from the place this people were well off.she made puppy eyes at her friend which was funny coz of her fashioned hair to the almost perfect make up on her face,the designer dress she had on riding up,exposing her toned legs,overall this chick was 'hot'.

"Stop being dramatic Angie,its just a job just like the others ,he is just another celebrity." The friend responded,as she continued mechanicaly parking her bags,which she had done for most parts of her life.

"But Kate,its Sebastian Alvarozi,the devil himself,listen," she stretched out and took a magazine that she had earlier abandon on the bed side table,"the international known song writer and performer Sebastian Alvarozi is the greatest of his generation winning every award on the table his success is due to his well written and performed songs that 'takes you to heaven and back' emotional filled and great vocals,but his personal life is more famous than his Grammy's ,a lifestyle that puts the most seasoned rock star to shame ,drug use ,sexual exploits you name it,"Angie smiled thinking she was winning "elusive to journalists the 'demon' like most people describe him...," Kate snatched the magazine not believing a word her bestie was saying, but the proof was all there,she continued to scan the pages,her mouth slitly ajar.she pushed back a strand of her jet black hair that had escaped from her messy ban,her Forest green eyes roaming consuming every bit of information on the paper,she licked her lips,this natural reflex was very sexy, this woman was beautiful with a capital B,sensuality dripped from every pore of her petite body,5'6 curved Italian lady was every mans wet dream,the way she walked talked screamed trouble to every person around her ,women included.

"This this.. stuff doesn't mean a thing,he is..." "Just another snobbish celebrity," Angie finished for her while rolling her eyes "so why are u shaking in your panties" she hadn't missed the hesitation on kate ,somethings u can't miss after knowing a person for 10 years straight.

"Am not,and stop doing that" she continued packing but with less vigour,

"Doing what?" Angie asked doing her puppy eyes thing,"that!" Kate responded by throwing a pillow at Angie which started a pillow fight.

"Ok ok stop you win" Angie had managed to pin her down and now was tickling the anguished woman below her.

"But seriously kate, I know I can't stop you but please be careful, he is not like the others,I can feel it so can u,just be careful," she said while looking down on her ,concern merged with her beautiful face,

"I will" she said meaning it ,meeting Angie's eyes us she said it.

"I believe u, I care for u kitty, always know that,and if he tries anything I will feed his balls to my dog"

"I promise," Angie studied her some more,she knew she was telling the truth plus kate never broke her promises.she then captured her lips with her own,sharing her feelings with her.Kate responded accordingly trying to calm her friend and pouring her her doubts too.

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