Training Training Training pt.2

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Aster let out an annoyed sigh.

" At least you have good reasons." He says to me.

I told him the reason why I chose him after Ryland was because I'd like to get who I think would be the most difficult with done with.

" So... What are we going to do?" I ask him.

" Give me some time to think." He says.

We ended up going to an underground labyrinth.

" Why here?"

" You'll see."

I follow him down into the labyrinth, the farther we walk, the darker it gets.

" Are you-"

" Don't you dare tell me you're afraid of the dark!"


" Good. I like that answer." he says.

We reach the end of the cave. I decided not to ask him why we're here since I'm positive he'll get really mad and tell me to wait. Aster walks to the wall and puts his hand against it. He closes his eyes and whispers something under his breath which, as far as I could tell, was in a different language. A soft blue glow appears around his hand and vines of light spread out around the wall and glow brightly in the dark cave. I cover my eyes and feel a sudden rumble under my feet. I uncover my eyes and see a door in front of Aster.


"Shut it!" Aster walks through the door and I start to follow him.

".....Wow!" We walk down a staircase made of silver and I see an  underground lake and a scenery that you would find in ruins.  Cyan colored lanterns are hanged up along the ways, lighting up the small cave.

" So..."

" Your task is to make it to the small section across from the lake without touching the water, retrieve the sword over thereand make it back here."

" Sounds easy." I say.

I suddenly hear a low growl in the cave.

" And don't wake up the beast. If you do, your task will be to kill it. Without my help." he says.

I nod and gulp. I climb onto one of the columns and suddenly hear it crack.

"Crap...please don't fall..." I think to myself and climb to the top. I attempt to stand on top of the column but, fall down.


And screaming was my second mistake....

The monster roars and runs towards me.

"Crap!!!" I scream and race towards the small section to get the sword. The monster runs faster and starts to catch up with me. 

Wait! I remember something like this happening! When Aro was after me!

And  I'm really close to the sword! I have one chance. Don't waste it!

The second I reach and grab the sword, the monster is practically breathing down my neck, I swing the sword at the beast, the sword burying it's self into the side of the monster's head. The monster roars, jumps away from me and collaspes onto the ground.

Aster claps and walks over to the monster and pulls out the sword.

"Nice job." he says and throws the sword at me.

I catch it and smile slightly.

"T-thank you." I say, stuttering a little.

" Who's next on your list?" Aster asks.

" Um..... Zero."

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