It was awesome to see. All the things that fan wish they could see when it was being made. I had the time of my life (haha green day reference).

I was sat with Jack, who was being a lot more sweet to me recently, and eating lunch. "Here, have a sandwich, its peanut butter," he offered.

"No! No, I am alergic to peanut butter." I sheepishly replied.

"Oh, shit, sorry, I could have put you in hospital for that." He apologised.

I just laughed and shook my head at him,  he looked so worried. "It was fine. It's just a good thing you didn't," At this point he laughed with me.

"Yeah I guess so," He continued to eat.

"Well done guys, Rian, great drumming in there! I think we can wrap everything up for today!" The recording person announced.  Everyone cheered and clapped.

"Can we head home? I'm kinda tired," I yawned as Jack put and arm around my shoulders.

"Sure, I'll let the others know now." And Jack walked off, leaving me to sit on my own.

Sorry this is shit and I hate it but it is a filler

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