What he does when he's tired

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• He'd get all cuddly and leaning on to you while you help him getting in his pyjamas. He'd be too tired to do it himself. You'd giggle as he tries to undo his shirt himself, but the shirt would stick to his head. You'd help him and blush as you see his perfect abs, down to where his waistband was slightly descended, showing his v-line. Niall would lazily smirk at you,  pulling you closer and kissing you soft. He'd give one last kiss on your forehead before falling asleep.

• You were at a party of one of your friends. Neither of you wanted to go in the first place, just wanting to cuddle up on the couch, but you decided it was a long time ago since you last saw her, so you just went.

Throughout the party, Niall'd come up to you and wrap his arms around you, kissing your neck. You'd giggle and playfully push him, blushing slightly. "Let's just go home." Niall smirks.

Your grin gets wider as you realise what he's trying to say. You walk over to your friend and tell her you are going home because Niall's really tired. Back home Niall pulls you close. "I'm not that tired tho." He smirks, before kissing you.

•He'd come home from a long day at the studio and lay down onto the couch. You'd kiss his forehead and ask how his day has been. Niall'd mumble 'tiring' and pull you close. "Just cuddle with me and I'm all right." He smiles sleepily. You'd giggle and lay down on his chest, Niall lazily stroking your hair and his breaths eventually becoming frequent and slower. You'd try to stand up to finish things but he'd pull you back into him and whisper: "You ain't going anywhere."

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