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1. Your silhouette keeps the light from coming through, a blurred movement, a flash of light.

I saw the streak of gold.

It burnt my eyes.


2. The echo of the thump still haunts me at night, it sears gore into the reflection of my eyes,

and cracks its knuckles.


It pours amber liquid from the taps when I want to take a bath, makes my scalp itchy,


and prunes my fingers.


I hear it replay in the attic, in the basement, and the kitchen. It turns on the shower,


and flushes the toilet.


It terrorizes women and children, sets fire to villages, makes the strongest weak,


and paints the town red.


It wipes blood from its mouth at night.


3. So loved and lost, I've taken a wrong turn, I've found you, but it's just a crush,


and you're ashes beneath my skin.


It's just a crush and I've crashed your car, killed your fish, and gone to prison,


all for a crush.

I'd kill to get rid of it.

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