When class ended, Lacy started following me around. To lunch. Outside. To my locker. It started getting kind of annoying. Once I stopped at my locker, I looked back to see if Lacy was still there. Of course, she was. Lacy waved.

"This is your locker?,"She asked, pointing at it. I nodded.

Lacy looked through the holes of the locker.

"Awesome..,"She marveled as if a locker were to be a grace whale

I looked at her curiously. Lacy wasn't the same as everybody else. She was very kind, yet hyper. She always balled her hands into fists when answers a question, like if she was nervous.

Lacy chuckled all of a sudden, looking at me.

" You must be wondering why I couldn't remember my own name. I'm Autistic," she said looking back into my locker.

Suddenly the bell rung. The school was filing out, like a herd of goats. I expected Lacy to keep looking at my locker, but then I felt a hand on my wrist.

"SHOOT! Let's go before there's no food!,"cried Lacy, as she steered me down the hall toward lunch.

Once we got in, a boy, obviously older me, walked up.

Lacy looked up at him."Hi," she said in the same quick voice.

"Hey, Lacy!,"he hugged her.

"Hi,"she said quickly again. She nodded toward me, then the boy raised his hands in surrender.

"Doesn't mean I can't hug my sister"He said walking away toward a lunch table.

Ever since that first day of school, she stood by me...

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