Leah Horan Intro

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Leah Horan grew up in Ireland and it was a small town where everyone knew everyone.
She was known as the sweet happy girl around town that everyone liked and she mostly just played with her big brother Niall. When she turned 8 she moved to London in England with her parents and brother.
She started school there and she got along pretty well with everyone and then one day she met Allison Brown. They became best friends quickly and they did everything together.
She did well in school.
She liked having fun but her type of girl was more of a cuddly girl.
When she was almost 14 her brother Niall auditioned for the X-Factor.
He got through the audition and then when Niall thought his X-factor journey had ended he was called up and four other boys and so they were created as One Direction.
Her brother was very buisy with stuff and wasn't a lot at home since he was mostly on tour. So when Niall would be home, Leah spent as much time with him as possible cause that was her favorite thing of all.

She hated when Niall went back on tour and she started missing him every single time he left.

I imagine Leah as Chloë Grace Moretz

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