Part 2

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As Kaitlyn entered the meeting room, most of her colleagues were already there, sipping their coffee and picking over the standard muffin tray.

She settled into her seat and pulled out her notepad to take notes; after all, a big secret was going to be revealed that everyone was excited to find out.

Dr. Thomas, the college dean, got up to speak. "I'm excited that you could all join us this morning," he said, looking around the room. "As you know, here at UW Madison, we've had some famous football alumni. Some of you may know Mr. JJ Watt and Mr. Russell Wilson." To herself, Kaitlyn cooed, "Who DOESN'T?" and a light blush crept across her pale cheeks. Dr. Thomas went on. "You also most likely know Mr. Aaron Rodgers." At that one, the room let out a slight gasp, as Rodgers was not a UW alum. Clearing his throat, Dr. Thomas continued.

"At the end of their respective summer camps, all three prominent NFL stars will be joining the Badgers for a special lecture, workout, and scrimmage." At this announcement, Kaitlyn about bounded out of her seat, forgetting that she wasn't at Lambeau Field, but instead was in a meeting.  "Oh my...GOD!" She began to almost hyperventilate, but started to regain her composure. Her friend, Stephanie, who was also a faculty member and was well aware of her affinity for two of the three discussed men, turned to her. "Calm down, sweetie!" Stephanie giggled and patted her hand. Stephanie wasn't much of a football fan, but was excited nonetheless and was especially excited for Kaitlyn.

Dr. Thomas concluded his announcement. "This will take place on August 16. Of course, faculty and staff will have access to this event, as well as the students. Please RSVP with my secretary to ensure you get your ticket."

Kaitlyn looked at the calendar. July 30. These next two weeks couldn't pass fast enough!

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