Newlyweds Are Back + Cookie Beats Up Eggman ...

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Amy: *flies in on the X-Tornado* Weeeee're Baaack!

Cookie: *jumps up in the air and yells* Yes! now I can torture Sonic!

Mayanna : * is watching TV with Silver * How was the honeymoon ?

Amy: It was good, but wait til you see what Sonic brought home as a souvenir.

Sonic: *walks in carrying a suitcase bursting at the seams with chili dogs* Mrff, Hey guys Gurff, we're back!

Mayanna : * sniffs the air * Chili dogs, really Sonic ? 

Sonic: What? They're good! Especially Parisian chili dogs!

Mayanna : * holds her hand out * Gimmie one ...

Sonic: *recoils protectivly* MY PREEEECIOOOOUS!!!

Mayanna : * pauses tv * Cookie help please ...

Cookie: *Sighs and looks up* Sonic, give her one or you will get a dare 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times worse than the one i'm thinking of now.

Sonic : * gulps and gives Mayanna a chili dog *

Mayanna : Thank you * takes a bit and chews * Wow this is pretty good ...

Luna Moon : Dares, remember ...?

Cookie: *really hyper excited* can i do it? is it my turn?! Can I ?? Can I ??

Mayanna : I'll check and see what dares we havent done yet ...

Shadow: *runs in still in his maid uniform* Sonic! You're not a zombie!! *hugs Sonic's leg*

Sonic and Amy : * they look at eachother weirdly *

Sonic : * looks at Mayanna weirdly * ... Did we ...

Amy : * finishes Sonic's sentence while looking at Mayanna * Miss something ...?

Mayanna : * looks at them and rubs the back of her neck, sweatdropping *  You have noooooo idea ...

Cookie: *texting on her phone* Mi-key, do you...have...any ideas, for a dare for Sonic... question mark.

Luna Moon : * looking over Cookie's shoulder * Mikey ?

Cookie: Mikey.

Luna Moon : Ah I see

Cookie: Mayaaaaaaa I got oooooone!

Mayanna : What dare is it this time ?

Cookie: *smiles adorably* Sonic has to be our maid too!

Bokkuun:* flys in behind her and shoots a confetti cannon while Boco and Deco  play horn fanfares*

Sonic : * looks horrified * What has happened while we were gone ?!

Cookie: *looks at audience* Short recap! I dared Shadow and Fayr to do the ultimate dare! then I dared them to be Maya-chan's and my own maids! Shadow was ordered to make a lemonade and iced tea drink, but he didn't mix it exactly half and half! So I dumped it on his head and sent him to The Change Room! little did he know that, Boco and Deco, were dressed as zombie Sonic and Amy, and were waiting for him inside!...Oh did I mention that I stormed Eggman's fortress and rewired the bot's leadership matrixes?

Sonic : * gulps *

Mayanna : Yeah you two missed about two chapters of torture ...

Eggman: *storms in angrily* Sonic! you're ugly friend stole my robots!

Cookie:*looks at eggman, silver star flash over eyes* Ugly?

Silver: Uh oh ...

Mayanna : O.O TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKEEE COVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * hides behind couch with Silver and everyone else *

Cookie: Hiiiiiiiya! *charges Eggman, jumps and kicks him in the face repeatedly* TAKE. IT. BACK!!!

Eggman: Orbot! Cubot! DOOO SOMTHING!!!

Orbot: I am quite sorry Dr Eggman but, you havn't quite finished out fighting programing.

Eggman: Curse you Cookie!!!

Cookie: *still kicking Eggman* Bokkuun!

Bokkuun: here!

Cookie: *still kicking Eggman* Code 10357!

Bokkuun: oooonnn iiiit! *flys over to Orbot and Cubot* Hi! I'm Bokkuun! *starts rewireing their matrixes*

Cubot: Wow she's good- Cookie is our master

Orbot: yes she is- Cookie is our master.

Eggman: what? impossible!

Cookie: *still kicking Eggman* quite possible FATTY!

Eggman: *runs out* I'll be back!!!!!!!!!

Cookie: *stands there completely non chalant with her back to Eggman, waves her hand causing a tidal wave to go over Eggman as he runs away*

Mayanna : * still hiding * Is it safe to come out now ?

Cookie: *huffing and puffing*! *looks around* huh?

*the entire room is trashed*

Cookie: *looks ablivious* did I do that?

Mayanna : * sees that the place is trashed. Looks mad * COOKKKIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cookie: *jumps up* I fix it!! Shadow! Fayr! get on it! *goes anime pouty face* Amy, will you put Sonic in his costume pwease? *holds out maid outfit*

Amy: ok! *takes the outfit and drags Sonic to the change room*

Sonic: no! *struggles*

Cookie: see? no problem! that's why we have maids!

Mayanna: *anime annoyed face* you just used that as an excuse to put them to work didn't you?

Cookie: EEYUP!

Mayanna : * face palms  * Oi ... ok that's a wrap for today ...

Cookie: Buh Bye!!! say, this means people's Sonic and Amy dares can go on now!

Bokkuun: *rainbow waves* yup! Bye for Now!

Mayanna : I'm just glad i avoided that scary dare ...

Luna Moon: What scary dare? Mayanna! tell meeee!!!!!

Mayanna : * looks at her wrist * ^^'''''' Ohhhhhhh look at the time !!!!  Heheh ... gotta go !!!!!!! BYE !!!!!!!!!! * runs off *


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