Chapters 28 and 29

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                                                                      Chapter 28

        February 9th, 3119, 11:55am, They found out that The Alliance hadn't really paid for the lawyer, he was paid for by an identified outside source.

Pollard scratched his head for a moment, trying to figure things out.

"Is there anyway to identify the source?", he asked.

"Not without backtracing, and that will take hours, weeks maybe even days," Chang replied.

"How many hours in your best guess?", Pollard fired at her.

"Best case, four hours, worst case, 24," Hong put in .

        Pollard sat down on the couch.

He burried his face in his hand's tiredly and let out a deep sigh.

"This might set us up to be trapped," Brul told them.

"We are always taking the trap risk," Pollard commented.

"This could be a huge trap risk," Brul replied reluctantly.

        This was the first time Pollard had ever seen Brul be reluctant with replies, it was a little refreshing.

Brul due to his Blaebackian background, really never hesitated.

Most of them were this way.

        February 9th, 3119, Mountain City Penal Colony, 12:05pm, Tran sat in her room, watching her Comlink, waiting on more information.

Pollard finally sent her what they had gotten so far.

She read everything with a huge smile coming over her face.

"Yes, this is gonig to be enough to nail her for good," She muttered excitedly.

        Tran quickly dashed down the hallway to the office with the information.

Chin, Le, and, Lee, were sitting in the office alone.

She quickly put the information on the screen.

"This what they have gotten on everything so far," Tran told them as the information went up on the screen.

The others looked over everything.

        Lee gave them a quick glance.

"The coding on this is all wrong," she told them.

"You mean fake?", Tran shot back.

"No, just coded wrongly," she replied.

        Tran put a quick Bynary check to it.

"You are right, the coding was done way too fast," Tran responded.

"How can you tell?", Carber rejoindered as he walked in.

"The Bynary on these things usually takes months, weeks, even years to do, this only took two hours," Tran said back.

"How can you tell?", Carber asked again.

        Tran cleared her throat.

"The lines of code stand out too much, they don't flow correctly," Tran told him in return.

Carber glared sharply at Tran.

"What do you mean by flow correctly?", Carber asked seeming insulted.

"1) The lines are too small and choppy, 2) They don't seem to have a rythm," Tran answered.

Carber leaned up in his, making the look of a deer caught in headlights.

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