Chapter 9

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-Roxy's POV-

It's been over a month since Jack & I have became an 'item' & to be completely honest, I've been missing him like mad, I've been on Tumblr & they've been shipping Jack & I like a fire in a house! Well, that was a bad example, but you know what I mean, apparently our shipping name is 'GhostSepticEye' which I think that's cute what they made up, apparently it all started after the first video we did together, which was a long long time ago.

I was editing a video for Lollipop Chainsaw, a lot of viewers actually liked the first video so I decided to make it into a series. It was about 11pm & the video was uploading to YouTube & I didn't feel exhausted at all, which is very weird for me because I'm usually ready to go to sleep around this time, but not for tonight.

I stood up from my chair & walked over to my wardrobe, getting out my thick black hoodie & going downstairs, I put on my black hi-tops & hoodie, I grabbed my keys from the bench & my phone from the couch & went outside, locking the door & exiting the apartment block. The air was cold & I could see me breath.

Oh the joys of living in Scotland...
I'm so sorry that this is short, I've had the bad case writers block.

I promise to do better next time!


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