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I found Shane sitting on the grass in the park crying, I immediately run towards her and tapped her on her shoulder, she then looked at me then hugged me and cried even harder.

"Shane, please, stop crying. . . .What happened?" I have no idea what happened to them, why is Shane crying and why did Chase left her here. I scoured the area and found no one but only Shane, that means Chase left him.

"Shane, where is Chase? I mean, is he, him?" I asked puzzled.

"Ini-Iniwan na naman niya ako A-Arkin. Iniwan na naman niya ako!!" She yelled between her sobs. Now, she's in pain again, what can I do?

I lifted her up and led her to my car, I let her sitted on the passenger seat next to me then went to my seat and started the engine.

While on our way home, I can hear her crying while looking outside the window, I wanted to ask her things that's been bothering me but I think it's not the right time so I just focused on the road.

* & * & * & * & *

We reached there home and I found her sleeping when I opened the door on her side, I removed her seatbelt and lifted her up, I rang their doorbell as we reached there gate, seconds later, someone opened it and it was her mom. She seemed worried when she saw Shane on my arms.

"Arkin? Is she ok?" she asked in a worried voice.

"I'm sorry tita but she's not."

"What?! Why what happened?"

"Let's talk inside tita." tita then agreed and let us in, we went directly into Shane's room and I put her in her bed.

"Now, what happened Arkin?" I took a glance to Shane then looked at tita on my side.

I was wondering if I should tell her that I saw Chase awhile ago, will it be ok to tell her or I'll just let Shane do it? I don't think she knew.

"Tita, do you know that. . . . . ." I suddenly stopped from the idea that Shane might get mad if I'll tell tita about Chase, so then, I just decided to keep this between me and Shane for now.

"Know about what Arkin?"

I shooked my head and faked a smile to tita, "Nothing tita, forget what I said. I need to leave now."

"Ok, well, take care and thank you for bringing Shane home." she exclaimed.

She escorted me back to the gate and there I bid her goodbye.


"BABY!!!! How was your date?!!!" salubong ni mom sakin pagpasok na pagpasok ko pa lang sa pinto ng bahay namin. Hindi ko siya pinansin sa tinatanong niya at dumiretso lang sa sala at humilata sa sofa. I heard her footsteps na palapit sakin at naramdaman kong naupo siya sa may gilid ng sofa.

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