New York, USA.

I stepped out of the airplane at around five o'clock and went straight to pick up my luggage. It is an enormous suitcase with an unbelievable amount of clothes inside. Thank god I travel only first class so they didn't force me to divide my bag into two smaller ones, that would have been a pain.

After picking up my luggage I exited the airport and searched for my driver Archibald. Archibald is a very kind man who is more like a father to me than my own had ever been. He escorted me at my fist day in high school and he was the only person who came to my graduation, my mother couldn't make it since she was terribly busy at some important meeting. Note the sarcasm. She probably just didn't fell like going to her only daughters' graduation ceremony.

I spotted Archibald leaning on his car waiting for me to come. I hugged him warmly and smiled at him "Hey, How have you been?" he scanned my appearance apprehensively and said with a warm smile "I've been good. Are you going to meet Mrs. Davis in that outfit?"

I looked at him as if he grew a second head "of course not! I don't have a death wish"

That seemed to relax him "well you look absolutely stunning Lina, this relaxed look really suits you, you don't even seem like yourself".

I looked at him sadly "yes, I really felt like I was someone else during these three months. I wish I could have stayed there forever, only mother had other plans"

Archibald sighed and said "your mother expects you to come straight to her mansion"

I felt a knot begin to form in my belly as I tried to contain my nervousness "So I guess it's time to come back to reality" I sighed in agony "I don't want to see her just yet. Drive me to my apartment please."

Archibald nodded in agreement and drove me to my penthouse in the Upper East Side. I own the whole top floor of the most expensive apartment building in New York. I designed the whole place by myself, which made it the ideal place for me to live in.

I love every single room in that place, which is an impressive fact since there are fifteen of them. As I entered my apartment with Archibald trailing behind I breathed in the sweet smell of freshly made coffee and blueberry pie. Archibald must have told Alicia I arrive today.

"You told her I would come didn't you?" I asked him accusingly. And he just looked at me sheepishly and went to put my suitcase in my room. Before I could announce my arrival I was enveloped in the warmest bear hug ever known to mankind. "Oh you finally came back my sweet little girl!! I have been killing myself with worry for the past three months"

"Can't breathe... Aunt Alicia I can't breathe!" when she heard my strangled pleas she finally released me.

"Oh you have grown so much" I looked at her incredulously "I have been away not that long Auntie I couldn't have possibly changed that much"

"Look at you! You are tanned, your skin is glowing and you have that aura of a content person. I'm glad you got that vacation. You deserved it more than anyone.

I playfully slapped her shoulder and said "yeah yeah enough with the chit chat. Where is that delicious pie I smell?" she laughed at me and dragged me to the kitchen.

Alicia wasn't a maid, she was exactly like Archibald an irreplaceable part of my family. I considered her as my mother even though I have never said it out loud. She had been working at my mothers' house for as long as I could remember and she still does.

After a very satisfying meal I showered and got dressed for the meeting with my mother. I wore a black pencil skirt and a matching blazer over a cream colored buttoned down t-shirt. I paired my look with the most expensive Channel pumps I own and I made my hair into a sophisticated bun.

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