Tracks in the snow

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Jason willow was walking to his school in mid January. His dad had to leave early for work and his mother has been absent for the past four years, so he didn't really have a choice. He crossed the street, noticing that there weren't many cars on the road today. As he approached the school's football field, he saw that the fence around it had a gap in it. The snow was sloped upward from the hole, but the snow looked like it could've been at least five feet deep! He guessed that all of the snow was gathered in the field there because of the school's plows taking it out of the parking lot and off of the roads leading to the school. It had really been a harsh winter this year. As he got closer to the fence, he noticed a set of foot prints leading through the gap. He walked up to inspect them and saw that they were no ordinary footprints. They were huge, and left no boot markings. They were smooth, but where the toes should be, there was just a flat outline. He took off his own boots to compare the size. As he set his barefoot on the icy ground, he barely noticed that he couldn't feel the bitter cold any more. He stared at the set of foot prints and walked forward, seeing that he left no foot prints behind. He surveyed the field and noticed something in the snow a little ways away from him. It appeared to be tally marks drawn in the snow bank. They were drawn near where the tracks. As Jason jogged up to them, he didn't notice his boots that he left at the fence had sunken below the snow, leaving no trace of them ever being there. He stood where the tracks ended and looked at the seven tally marks. He shifted his feet so that they perfectly lined up with those that left the tracks. Suddenly, he felt something grasp his bare foot and pull him below. His screams were never heard as he disappeared underneath the snow.
Loretta Gael was walking to school from the bus stop, when she noticed a hole in the fence around the football field. She walked up to it and saw that there were strange foot prints leading through the gap. She decided to follow them. She stopped when she came to the end of the tracks. She looked around and saw eight, seemingly fresh, tally marks in the snow.

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