Dear Journal, I have read all of the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'  books and with him he seems to keep up with this on a daily. And every other teenage girl in a book or movie. My mom got me these stupid things when I turned 13, said I need to catch the TEENAGE EXPERINECE. I felt that this would be the best thing to honor her memory...for now.

I don't even know what to say to this damn thing. How my day went, how I LOVE New York, because I don't its October and its freezing and raining, California didn't do this. Snow. Ice. Lots of frozen water. I hate it and I miss my friends.

I miss Austin, Liam, Bridget, Dakota...Matt. Ugh I hate it here.

Plus it doesn't help that Kaitlyn and I have barely communicated since we landed, she's all business and work. Unless she's with her friends and then she changes like the hulk...but backwards???

I did convince her to let me go to North View though. So one accomplishment down.

My hand is starting to hurt and so is my head. I guess I can come back to this tomorrrow after school.

After I finished writing in my journal, I get up and walk downstairs. I see Kaitlyn, Rebecca, and Olivia working on something and not pay me any mind as I stare at them then walk to the kitchen.

"Kaityln!" I call her as I try to climb the cabinets to get the vanilla oreos.


"How am I going to get to school tomorrow?"

"...My car?"

"Are you going to drive me?"

"No I have to leave at 5:00" I grab the cookies and then jump off the cabinet and walk into the living room, none of them are still paying attention to me.

"I don't know how to drive." all of them stop what they're doing and look at me in confusion.

"Why not?" Olivia asks this time.

"What do you mean why not, I never learned." 

Kaitlyn looks at Rebecca and Olivia and whispers something to them, they both shake their heads, then seem to continue talking for another five minutes before Olivia and Rebecca went back to what they were doing and Kaitlyn looked at me, "You said you met someone today, ask if you can go with her." and just like that, it was the end of the conversation and she was back on her laptop, Rebecca was still messing with a bunch of forms and Olivia was talking on the phone.

I groan (of course they didn't care) and take my cookies upstairs.

I call Regina and all I hear for a couple of seconds is yelling.

"Shut up Hannah! Nana stop spitting out your food! Pickles stop eating it! Mom I am on the phone can you please stop yelling!" It was quiet then I hear Regina's panting voice, "Who ever this is, I ran into my brother's room, please speak before he realizes that I'm in here."

"Hey Regina? Its me-"

"OMG! Karlie, how you doing honey. Sorry about all that noise, my family is eating dinner."

"Okay...Why are you in your brother's room?"

"Well technically its the guest room, but he came home for the weekend from college so he still hates that i'm in 'his room'. Wait why did you call again?"

"My sister and non related sisters can't give me a ride tomorrow."

"You called at the perfect time. I'm totally taking advantage of Derek giving me rides this week."

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