Luke's POV

I'm so proud to finally call her mine. Yes, like in boy- and girlfriend! She said yes! I could cry at that moment. I think there has been no better moment in my whole life. I brought her to my house and she stayed there. Her mum called her once and it kind of hurt her a little.

"Morning," I hear Skye's voice behind me. I turn around and look at her. It looks like she hasn't slept in a very long time. "Morning babe," I give her a small kiss on her nose and she smiles. "My mum called again, if I won't come home in now and 2 hours, she'll call the police," tears start to flow down her cheeks. I wrap my arms around her and kiss her forehead. "Don't worry, I'll come with you," I say. "Yes please," It's so weird to call her my girlfriend, because I had like a crush on her for the past 2 years. Finally am I the one causing her smile.

"Let's go," she added some makeup and put on my clothes, "Are you sure you want to come?" "Of course, I would never let you go alone to that house," I say causing her to smile again. "Thanks." We walk outside and I grab her hand. I will never let it go. Her house is close to mine and I already see it. She stops for a minute when she sees it. "What's up?" I ask her. "That," she points at her house. There's a police car outside, and some police officers are walking through the neighborhood. "Hello mister, do you know a Skye McColgan?" I jump up from a voice behind me. I turn around and see a police officer with a very nice look on his face. "Yes, that's me," Skye says. "Then I have to ask you both to come to your house," he says and Skye looks at me. She's scared, and so am I. We follow him to her house. Suddenly her mum runs outside and hugs her. "We were so worried," she cries. Skye lets her mum go and gives me a hug. "I need you Luke, please stay," she whispers. "I won't leave you alone," I say and she turns around again to her mum. "We need to talk mum," she says. All the police officers came to us and see the meeting with mum and daughter. Then I feel some metal around my hands. I want to watch what it is, but they are locked. I can't move them. "You should come with us," some police officer pulls me to the car. "Luke! No, don't take him," Skye runs to me and wraps her arms around me. "I'm sorry, but we have to take him with us to ask him some questions," the police officer sounds so calm. DON'T YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE. "He didn't kidnap me or something, I went with him. And nothing happened!" Skye yells. Then she looks at her mum, her mum shrugs.

"What kind of relationship do you have with miss. McColgan," the police officers brought me to a very small room.

"I'm her boyfriend."

"Has something negative happened in the past?"

"No, it hasn't."

"What do you think is the reason she was gone?"

"I think it was overprotective parents."

"Do you know why her parents are overprotective?"

"No I don't."

"Because they say you made her smoke and drink."

"It's not my fault, if she wouldn't smoke, she wouldn't have taken that cigarette. But her words were "Give me one," so I gave it."

"But her parents-," I know it's a bit rude, but I don't care at this moment.

"How is it possible that her parents are right instead of Skye and me, I mean, her parents weren't even there at that party! Only Skye and me and some other students."

"That's all the information we have, so we really need to know more."

"I'll tell you. Skye came home after a night at my house. Her parents have told her before that she couldn't go to that party, but she sneaked out. Her mum was really happy at first, but then she became angry. She hung up camera's in her house and a smoke detector, when Skye came home, her mum wanted her phone. So Skye ran away, because she didn't want a mum like this. First she went to Ashton Irwin, but he kicked her out for some reason. So she went to the woods, and I was there, so I found her and I asked her to be my girlfriend. And she said yes," I explain.

"So her parents hung up camera's and a smoke detector?"

"Yes, because they don't trust her anymore."

"Okay, well, thanks for your time Luke."

"I can go?"


"Where's Skye?"

"Or in the room next to us, or still at home."

"Thanks," I stand up and run outside. When I check the doors next to ours, I see that one is taken. So I sit against the wall and wait.

After 30 minutes they finally came out. Her mum in tears and Skye had a small smile on her face. I stand up and walk towards her. "I'm so sorry," I whisper. But she just wraps her arms around me and holds me close to her. "What did they ask," she asks. "If I did something to you," I answer her. I hear her laughing and we go outside.

"I hope you're happy Luke!" Skye's mum yells.


"Because it was your idea that we are 'overprotective'."

"You are, mum," Skye says.

"Oh, well, erm, then, erm," her mum can't find the right words. But I can: 'Thank you Luke that you're so nice for my daughter', but no. But I can't find the strength not to smile. Skye looks at me and holds my hand. I don't know how she felt after I promised her I wouldn't leave, and then I had to leave. It was heartbreaking for me, how would she feel? I wish it wasn't that bad, but I guess it was. And I feel so guilty for it, even though it wasn't my fault.

The police brought us home and commanded Skye's mum to do whatever she says in 48 hours. Skye smirked at her mum and said I had to stay. So I am. She lays in her bed and I on the floor. I don't know how many times her mum checked us, but she hasn't been here for like 10 minutes, so I take my chance. I climb on her bed and kiss her. Not a calm one, but a rough passionate one. She smiles after she wraps her arms around my neck pulling me closer to her. I place my hands on her hips so she would sit closer to me. But it was too close, so she stopped for a moment and wraps her legs around my waist, so we would have more space. Then she kisses me again. Her arms move away from my neck to the bottom of my shirt, where they try to take it off. I help her and I throw it somewhere on the floor. But then her mum walks in. She lets go and I fall from her bed. "This is the reason I check you very often," she yells. "To see us making out?" I ask sarcastically and I wink at Skye who tries to hold her laugh inside her. "What? I want you to leave now Luke," her mum says. "No mum, he has to stay here, remember what the police officer said," Skye says. Her mum sighs and wants to walk away. "And," Skye begins, her mum stops and opens the door again, "I want Luke to stay in my bed." "Oh, erm, okay," her mum becomes angry and I climb on her bed and pull the covers around me. She winks at me again before I place a small kiss on her forehead. Then I wrap an arm around her and she places her head on my chest. I smile and I don't know what I would do without her. "I love you," I whisper hoping that she would be asleep.

Skye's POV

I place my head on Luke's Chest and I almost fall asleep. But before I fall asleep, I hear him whispering. "I love you," he whispers. He loves me. He loves me. HE FUCKING LOVES ME. I don't answer him, he would be embarrassed because it looked like he didn't know that I was awake. I'm so confused, because I don't even know if I CAN answer him. A tear escapes my eye and I'm afraid that Luke would know that I was awake, because he's shirtless and a tear falls on his chest. I fall asleep hoping to wake up next to him and not alone with a Luke who's running away from me because I broke his heart.


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