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    She thought it was a good school to attend . Well she thought wrong. At J.L. Matthey Middle School Jasmine went to the cafeteria with a nervous look on her face. As a group of girls walk in Jasmine noticed them, it was her old friends. Jasmine called them out but they just stopped and laughed, then walked away. She didn't understand but she just sat there.

A few moments later the same group of girls that laughed at Jasmine came up to her. One of the girls said "why are you such a hoe?" Jasmine didn't understand and said "what are you talking about ,I'm not." One of the other girls said "well that's not we heard from about 40 people." The girls walked away laughing. Jasmine sat there crying her eyes out wondering why those people would say that?

Jasmine walked to another table but as she was walking a guy stuck his foot out and triped jasmine. As jasmine layed on the floor with a busted lip people sat there and laughed. Until some girl came up to her and helped her up. The girl asked jasmine if she was ok ? Jasmine said yes , and asked the girl , why are people calling her a hoe ? The girl said everybody thinks of you as a school hoe.

Jasmine and the young looking girl walked to the bus stop and went on the buses. Jasmine sat there in the bus listening to music and crying. Until she had got home .

     Jasmine got home and saw a bag of food sitting there that her dad brought her. Jasmine don't really see her dad because he is so bussy with his job at Big Red. Jasmine went to sleep and woke up the next day with so many notifications on her phone. It was mostly on Facebook.

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