Hey!Before I start this chapter I want you to know this is a filler.I have bigger plans for the cast later😏I will try to make it long and good.I will also edit it!"👋

Aria's P.O.V

It's 4:09 am and I am cuddled in my bed with dry tears on my face.Last night I came home around 11:30 pm and Jack was with Kyle and Jayden watching a football game.Kyle who has this really obvious crush on me asked me what happened.I brushed him off like I usually do and slammed my bedroom door and cried.I tried not to cry loud but the guys knew I was crying.

I can't sleep.I am officially scarred from last night.I've had enough of Daniel and his tricks.I reach for my phone that sits on my side table.I open up Instagram.I scroll through my feed not really caring about what people post.Suddenly I find Daniel's girlfriend just posted something. It was a selfie.But her comment said,Free at last!

I wasn't expecting that!She probably heard about what happened and dumped him.He deserves it anyway.I can't wait until Monday so I can give him a piece if my mind.By that I mean punch him square in the face!If I can do that.

I roll out of bed and go to my bathroom.I wash my face with cool water.If I can't sleep I might as well do something useful like clean the house.

I walk out of my room and go into the kitchen.I wipe down the counters and clean out the fridge.Then I move into the living room and clean up the dirty bowls that the guys were eating out of last night.Finally I do a load of Jack's and my laundry.The clock reads 5:47 am.I go back into my bedroom and crawl into bed. Slowly I drift asleep.

Jack's P.O.V

My alarm clocks beeps at 7:30 am.I roll out of bed and wash my face.

I go into the kitchen and open the fridge.It was half empty.Aria probably cleaned it out early this morning.She couldn't sleep last night so she probably just cleaned because she doesn't have anything else to do.I don't know what happened exactly all I know is that she is terrified.

I pull out the milk and I grab some cereal out of the pantry.I pick up my bowl and watch some tv.I usually go to church every morning with Aria but I bet she's to scared to go anywhere.

Aria's P.O.V

I kick the sheets off my bed and walk into the kitchen.Jack is watching a recording of the Blacklist.I cook up some scrambled eggs and bacon.I sit in the far left of the couch and start to eat.

It's always awkward between us. Especially on Sundays.I stare at my plate eating.Jack keeps staring at me trying to find out why I'm being so seclusive.I try not to make it obvious that something is wrong.I don't succeed.

"So,how was the party last night?"Jack kept his eyes on the tv and his food.I shrug nervously."Nothing.It was boring." Jack put his bowl down and gave me a look."Why are you lying to me?"I look at my food and take a bite."I'm not lying. Parties can get boring.I was just alone while Lauren was "mingling"."Jack nodded his head sarcastically.

"I used to be invited to so many frat parties in my college lifetime and they weren't boring at all!Can you just be honest with me?"

I give Jack a cruel look."So I suppose I have to tell you everything don't I?It's my business not yours!"

Jack shook his head in dismay."I just want to have a peaceful conversation with you after all these years.Is that too much to ask for or should I just not try at all?"

"I'm sorry.I will tell you if only you promise not to laugh!"I pointed at Jack with a funny serious look to my face.Jack nodded."Hit me."I laughed."It would be my pleasure."I punch Jack hard on his arm.Jack laughed and playfully punched
me back.

"Okay so what happened."Jack grew serious.I nodded and cleared my throat. "Okay,so I was hanging around while Lauren was talking to some guys.Since I was alone I drowned my sorrows with beer and became slightly drunk.Then I felt a hand on my waist and then someone kissed me.It was Daniel.He tried to French kiss me but I didn't let him.I soon was able to see more clearly and pushed him away from me.Everyone saw what happened and then I ran away and drove home embarrassed.

I inhaled after talking so much then exhaled.Jack nodded."Okay then.Wasn't what I was expecting but alright."

"I knew you wouldn't understand."I angrily picked up my plate and threw it into the sink and stormed into my bedroom.

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