Chapter 22

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"Can you explain?" Marco asked and I rolled my eyes. "There's nothing to be explained." I said and he raised his eyebrows. He turned in Fabian's direction and sighed. "Will you stand there forever? Can't you leave?" Marco asked him and Fabian looked at me. "Only if Emma doesn't need me anymore." Fabian said and I smiled. I was about to say something, but Marco was faster. "She doesn't need you." he said and made sure to say the word 'you' in a bitter way. "That's not your business." Fabian said and looked back at me. "Em, shall I leave?" he asked and I sighed. He is making drama out of nowhere! "Uuum... I think it'd be better. But thank you." I said and he nodded. "Take care." he said and left.

"Okay now when he's away, you can explain." Marco said sternly and it made me mad. I didn't do anything! There's nothing bad about this at all. "I have nothing to explain." I said and took a sip of water. "No?! You don't?!" he exclaimed. "I came and I saw a guy, who likes you really much here with you!" he exclaimed. "Why are you screaming?" I mumbled. When somebody screams on me, I always get nervous. And now, to top it all, he has no reason to be mad. Actually, he was the one who didn't answer the stupid phone. "Because he has no reason to be around you!" Marco yelled and I stood up. "Why are you acting like crazy?! I was outside when my head started spinning around so he helped me home! Would you be happier if I would fall under the car because I rejected his help?!" I screamed and took a deep breath. Okay, screaming doesn't help my headache. "What a coincidence that he was there! Weren't you outside with him?!" Marco asked. What the hell is wrong with him?!

"You're crazy. Absolutely crazy." I said while shaking my head. "And by the way, when the headache's come I called you. But you didn't pick up." I said and he closed his mouth at once. "Are you better?" Marco asked and I laughed ironically. "I'm absolutely good! Because being sick while fighting with my boyfriend helps my health so much!" I said and grabbed the blanket. I walked in my room and covered myself with it. It's not my fault! I am happy that I didn't reject his help. My head was spinning infinitely and I really don't need to get hit by a car! I heard the door being open  and then Marco sat down on my bed. "I'm sorry." he mumbled, but I didn't move an inch. "I just... he likes you so I don't like if he's around you." Marco said and I shook my head a little. Why are men so jealous?! "Em, please, say something." Marco said and I turned my head, not body, in his direction. "I've been sick. I just wanted to come home without being hit by a car." I mumbled and turned my head so it was facing the wall again.

"I'm sorry." he said. I felt his body lay down next to me and he wrapped his arms around me. "Forgive me please." Marco begged and I closed my eyes. Right now, I would use some sleep.


I walked in the living room and looked around. "Marco?" I called. "Here." he said from the kitchen. He's standing there with Marcel. Why aren't they in the living room? Or why aren't they sitting at least? "Hi." I greeted Marcel and he chuckled. "You must have had a good sleep." he said and I furrowed my eyebrows. "You have rosy cheeks." he said and pinched my cheeks. He went away and I rolled my eyes. "Are you better?" Marco asked while keeping his distance. I smiled and nodded. "I didn't even notice when you left." I said and he chuckled. "I was there the whole time. I've come here 5 minutes ago." he said and I smiled.

"What are we watching?" I asked and sat down next to Marcel. Marco came too and sat down next to me. Marcel shrugged and switched on the sports channel. What else can we watch? Of course only sport can be watched here. 'It was said that Marco Reus will announce the next club for which he'll be playing in the future. There are big clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. What will the superstar choose? We will keep you informed.' the presenter said and I choked. He is leaving?! I stood up and looked on Marcel, then on Marco. "What was that?" I asked and pointed on the TV.

"Rumors." Marco said and giggled. Marcel cleared his throat to make Marco realize that I'm not gonna laugh. "Emma those all are rumors. Nothing else." Marcel spoke and I put my hand in the air to make him stop talking. "Say your piece." I told Marco and put my hands on my hips. "I've already decided." Marco said and smiled. "I didn't know that you might leave! Not until now! Why haven't you told me?" I exclaimed and Marco stood up. "There's nothing to tell you." he said and I raised my eyebrows. "What?" I asked in disbelief. "Em, I've decided about a month ago or so." he said and I smiled ironically. "You... I.... I can't believe that you haven't told me anything." I said. He took my hands in his and kissed them.

"Emma, I'm staying." he said and I stepped away. "This is not about that! Marco, I didn't know anything until that chic announced it on TV!" I exclaimed and he looked at Marcel. "Emma, don't freak out. Marco's staying, there's nothing going to change." Marcel said and I made a 'pfff' sound. "What if I have an offer to go back to Berlin and I wouldn't tell you. How would you feel?" I asked and he choked. "Do you?" he asked and I laughed. "No, I don't! I would tell you if I have one." I said and put a hand on my forehead. "I'm sick." I said and walked in my room. This is all crazy. First of all, he's jealous without a reason and then, I learned that he might leave. 

"No Marco you can't leave!" I said and grabbed his hand. "Emma, I have to. There's future waiting for me." he said and I shook my head. " Marco I love you." I sobbed and he smiled sadly. "You haven't behaved like it for some time now." he said and I wiped my tears away. "Please, you can't leave. I'll show you how much I love you." I said and he cupped my cheek. "You should show me all the time. Not only when I'm about to leave." he said and took his suitcase. "I love you. That's why I'm jealous. And I didn't tell you cause when we started dating, I was sure that I am staying. But now, when I can't see your love, I should probably go." he said and started walking away. My legs were stuck to the floor so I couldn't have moved. "Marcooooo!" I screamed while sobbing and realized that he's gone. For good.

I woke up at 1 am and took a deep breath. I wanna hear his voice. I need to hear it.

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