Harry thought about James' question. He didn't have a single clue about what his answer could be. Harry refused to have one big goal, a dream, because he knew that he would never be able to achieve his goals no matter how hard he tried. 

"Don't have one." Harry shrugged.

 He slouched back down in his chair, he just wanted to leave but he knew that this appointment would be extended now. 

James just studied Harry, his eyes narrowed down slightly. 

"Come on..." James said and he wheeled his chair closer towards Harry. 

Harry knew that James was only trying to lift Harry's spirits, and Harry didn't want to fall for his trap. 

"You must have one dream..." He smiled softly. "Everyone has a dream." He was still chipping away at Harry, but Harry just remained quiet. "Tell you what..." James sat up with a straight posture. "If I tell you mine, will you tell me yours?" He asked and Harry's eyes slowly looked towards James, Harry was slowly falling for this, he knew that this was what James wanted. 

Harry hated 'deals' he didn't like how a deal  was an agreement for each other's mutual benefit. 

"Do we have a deal?" James asked with a raised brow. 

"Fine." Harry mumbled but Harry learned from a young age that rules could be broken. 

"My big goal in life is to make sure my kids are happy and can live a happy life without me." James smiled, he waited for Harry's confession but Harry just stared blankly at him. 

"Is that it?" The confusion was defined in Harry's voice and his brows soon snapped together. 

"That's not a goal, that's more like a wish..." Harry snapped and James' smile grew bigger, he liked how he could get Harry out of his shell, even if it did mean tormenting him. 

"Well I think that's a goal, don't you agree?" He teased but Harry was thinking too much that he hadn't caught on with James's teasing. 

"No!" Harry shouted, he quickly stood up, and James knew that Harry was going to prove a point. 

"A goal is a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired that is a result for your life, not your kids or anybody else's." Harry said, he didn't want to sound selfish but he learned that he had to be selfish from a young age too. 

"People use you, you can't set your goals for the benefit of other people... that would just be a waste of effort, even if your goal was for someone else, they wouldn't even appreciate it so what's the point?" Harry started to paste across the room." 

James just chuckled to himself, he liked listen to Harry's rants, suppose that Harry's rants was part of James' job which was why he liked it so much, he liked how Harry felt comfortable enough to rant at him, he liked how he could slowly get Harry to admit how he truly felt, he knew that Harry wouldn't tell anyone else all the rants that he had told James, he liked having Harry's trust with his personal problems even though he is quite the complete stranger to Harry, yet their bond had grew and James liked that the most.

 "So what is the right goal then?" He asked slowly and he knew that Harry's mind was racing, therefore he would answer. 

"I don't know... traveling, getting a new job, buying a new house, having a relationship, buying the best car there is, running a marathon... anything, I don't know" In fact, Harry did know but he was talking way too fast but James smiled, he knew that he could get Harry to confess some goals. 

He knew that by teasing him he could get Harry going because Harry liked to prove people wrong.

Harry was still pasting around the room. His cheeks became flushed and his breathing became slightly faster, all of this adrenaline made Harry think more and more.

 "So what's your goal then?" James asked and the smile was still placed across his face. 

Harry soon slowed down he stopped when he glanced outside of James' office window.

 He stopped in front of it to look at the view, he looked at the car park but then he saw all of the houses that traveled in rows the further he looked out into the street. 

He wanted his own house

"I want my own house." He declared. 

He watched the cars drive by and he looked at the small bright white clouds, that was when he knew that there was more to life than sitting around all day. 

"In fact, I want all of them..." Harry said and James was slightly confused at first, he needed Harry to explain something which Harry lacked doing. 

"Explain..." James felt as though he could finally stop chipping away at Harry. 

"I want to start traveling, start getting a new job, buy a new house, have a relationship, buy the best car there is, run a marathon... anything... I want to do it all." Harry said and he smiled at the idea, a smile that James had never seen before. 

"You can't do all of that at once..." James joked but Harry meant business, he really wanted to do this. 

"-but if you're sure, I don't see why not." James smiled. 

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