Betha grumbled to herself as the dwarves separated to find the path they where supposed to be on, " It's no use we can't find the path" said Gloin " It's gone" said Dwalin, Betha sat down on a rock and felt very different she looked at the sky as the dwarves gathered Thorin grumbled " It's all her fault!" He says " She's probably laughing at us!" He yelled Betha stood up her vision was going all bubble like " That half blood has always been judging us and left!" He said Her hearing was hearing Dark voices she looked at Thorin and glared and jumped on him and started to strangle him " You Stupid Dwarf.....Take back what you said about her she helped us when all when we needed her you selfish dwarf!" She said darkly to him then the dwarves pulled her off of him she gasped and her head was pounding very badly she looked at the dwarves " I'm sorry Thorin" she muttered as she looked at them " I have no idea what came over me?" She said in her calm voice Balin clears his voice " The woods are different then we thought" he says Thorin glared at Betha " Let's keep moving" he says she looked down to avoid his gaze, Then after another 60 minutes They where back where they where she then felt a lightness to her, the next moment she was Passed out on the ground, the dwarves gathered around her " is she all right?" Asked Bofur She was sweating worse then before she was getting sick just being in Mirkwood, Oin check her pulse " Hmm she seems to have a fever" he says Thorin Grumbled " We have no time for this!" He says " Kili Fili you two carry her Oin and Bifur stay close to them You too bilbo" he says to Bilbo Fili and Kili put Bethas Arms over their neck and they slowly walked soon they rested at a tree.

Eramara thought it strange she hasn't found The dwarves yet " Did they take a wrong turn??" She asked herself out loud then just in front of her a white stag stood on the path her eyes widen as she slowly walked toward it " You spying on me?" She asked it it snorted and walked towards her, She glared "Tampa!" She ordered it, the Stag did as it was told She folded her arms " Which way did they go?" She asked it the Stag turned its head to the left she sighed "that's great"she muttered and walked past the beast then it snorted She stopped and looked at him "Naugrims vasa lle sinta for Elandili ( Dwarves don't care for half elves)" said the stag through his mine She smiles " Amin naa lle nai Naugrims but to tell you the truth they need me" she said ending up speaking normally to the stag it bows his head and she bowed and walked off " Your father is coming after you be careful" he warned She gulps but countinues to walk down the path where the stag told her they went. She soon here's an echo that sounded like Thorin she gasped and hurried " THORIINN!" She yelled no response but then she noticed something about this path it started to have a lot of webbing 'spiders?' She says in her head she pulled her swords out silently and walked quietly down the darkly lit path know when she heard screeching up in the trees or at least coming out of the trees she hurried to the source and saw a bunch of dwarves being carried off she ran to the closes spider " Yahh!" She yelled getting its attention and then she sliced it's face it screamed and she stabbed it's face it fell dead, Then three more appear she was surrounded she swung at all of them giving it her all but then one spider webbed her swords away she notched her bow and shot one of them in the head it died shortly after but then she was circled again she was backed up against a rock she was was about to notch another one when she felt a sting in her back she gasped " Ughhh!" She gasped and slowly tried to but fell in the other spiders arms and she blacked out. The Spiders Wrapped her in webbing and dragged her off to their nest, Then when they left apparently Betha was still Unconscince behind a rock with her fever then as she laid down she slowly weakly opened her eyes when she heard whispering she then felt hands on her back and she was lifted up and put on a horse she caught a glimpse of one of their faces a blonde man but he sort of glowed she then went back to a deep sleep again "Lle quena i'lambe tel' Eldalie" he ordered in Elvish and They rode off with her.

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