Chapter 38

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~ nine hours later~

Lucy's POV
Lauren just got back from the operation and the doctor (medical) says she is doing well. They also said that she should wake up any minute now. that's amazing news right?!

Talking of the Doctor I has to ask him about that name. I mean come on, what parent in their right state of mind call their kid "Doctor" it's just not right. Hmm I wounded of he is ashamed of his real name or the Doctor is just some kind of nick name. perhaps I can find out later.

Me and Niall have both been very worried about Lauren. I mean she is I've of my closest friends, apart from Annabel - that girl knows everything about me. me, Annabel and Fran have been out of our minds with worry. this hole thing with the bus has just come so unexpected. it has effected all of us...

My thought were shortly shattered as I saw an amazing sight; Lauren was opening her eyes (FINALLY!) and she looked panicked. I rushed over to her side, letting her know I was there.

Me: hay there Lorrie (nickname used)
Me: you really put the panic on. we've all missed you like mad. The doctor had actually gone mad at one point. Fran and Annabel have been hear a lot and so have I. the Doctor hasn't left your side, something about it being his fault. I feel sorry for him in a way...

Okay now I'm talking waaaay to much. Lauren just weezed a small, frail giggle. it sounded like she had a very, very, very bad cold or something. I wonder if she can talk.

Me: hay Lauren. can you talk

She tried to nod.

L: M-M-Ma-Mat... Mat!

WIAT! Who's mat? Have I missed something hear?

Me: errm. who's Mat?

She thought well for a minute.

L: D-Doctor
Me: the doctors name is Mat?
L: U-Huh
Me: ohhhhh.... okay I will go get him
L: th-thanks
Me: no problema

Oh god I'm so happy that she lives to see about her day. I don't know nor do I want to know what I would do of she were to die.

I speed walked out of the door and rushed to the little café across the street where the doctor went to get a coffee or something along those lines. Once I spotted him, I rushed as fast as I could whilst looking normal as I could. I harshly tapped on his shoulder with the biggest smile on my face. he must have read my mind because he mouthed the words "she awake?!" I just nodded with a lot of enthusiasm. He then let the wide, toothy smile explode onto his face.

We ran all the way back to the hospital, we were just so happy. As we sped into the hospital only to be stopped by the old lady at the front desk. I looked at her name tag only to discover that her name was Betty. unique name, I like it. I've got a thing for unusual names... habit I guess.

Betty: oh hello Lucy. How's your mother these days?

Oooooh that's why I recognised her. she is my neighbours, neighbours, neighbour. Haha. she always looked after me when my parents were away. She's lovely to be around.

Me: hiya Betty! .... yeah.... errm. I'm not sure. haven't seen my mum in a while...
Betty: oh yes... let me guess, business trip?
Me: yeah...
Betty: it's okay sweetie. You know I love you. I always am hear for you, you know.
Me: yeah I know. thanks Betty I really appreciate it. love you to

We hugged for about one minute. However Doctor soon ended that... or should I say "Mat soon ended that"

Mat/Doctor: erm sorry to break this moment up but we have a Lauren to see.
Me: oh yeah sorry. lets go.

I waved goodbye to Betty and we were off again to see Lauren. we were both very exited.

We burst through the doors to Lauren's door and smiled brightly. Lauren was sat up in bed reading a magazine. god how long were we gone. I look at my phone for the time and it turns out that we had been gone for about an hour. huh... time flys right.

I watched as the doctor interacted with her. they were so sweet and gentle with each other. they should totally date.... well I think they are... I'm not sure. They would be perfect for each other I know that for sure.

Niall went home so he could do some stuff and go to work... he still has a job you know. I haven't really talked talked to him in like.... 2 days or something, I don't know. I decided that I was going to text him about the good news.

Me: heeey babe! How are you? I've got gr8 news

Soon after I sent that text he relayed and we had a conversation.

Niall: hay sweetheart! I'm fabulous now I've texted :) and how are you? what's the good news princess.

Me: cheesy Niall, cheesy but cute! Also I'm going just fine, I'm a lot happier now. thanks for asking and staying by my side no matter what!! LAUREN'S ALIVE!!! SHES ALMOST FULLY BETTER ITS AMAZING!!!
Niall: that's great news princess! I'm so happy for you! I will come see you or you can come over... up to you. and to be honest I wouldn't be anywhere else apart from at you side.
Me: okay I will be over in a bit, in like 3 hours so that makes it about 8:00PM. sound good to you?
Niall: see you then princess
Me: love you <3
Niall: love you more x
Me: impossible!
Niall: hardly!
Me: if you say so. I have to go. bye
Niall: bye princess!

After I got of the phone with my baby Niall I went and sat by the Doctor ad Lauren.

Me(whisper): so Doctor.....
Doctor: yeah?

Loving the hole whispering thing haha.

Me: so... I found out what your real name is.
Doctor: ha. nope it's the doctor
Me: no it isn't... you know it as well, don't you Mat.
Mat: ugh fine!

Mohahahaha !!! You should never lie to me. when I set my mind on something... well let's just say, it's gonna happen one way or another.

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