Chapter sixteen

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"Parker! Don’t!" I yelled just holding his arm and pulling him back but there was no point, I swear his eyes are red.

"You little fucker!" Parker growled trying to get to the guy that was hitting on me while I was waiting for Parker by the park. I waved at Parker but the guy continued to irritate me and now here we are.

"Calm down bro" the guy said backing away from the raging guy I was trying to hold back "I didn’t mean it! I get it, he’s yours! He’s not even that cute!"

"Hey!" I said slightly offended and almost let Parker go.

"He’s mine, he said it to you and what did you do? Told him to forget me like a true dumbass would. Well now I’m gonna make sure you don’t forget me asshole" Parker spat raising his free hand.

"Wow there, ape man" said a voice running towards us.

"Chill your man tits Parker" the voice said patting Parkers fist and bringing it back down to his side. That god for random Lyle’s.

"Thanks so muc-"

"Get the fuck out of here punk" Lyle rolled his eyes at the guy "don’t act like a smart ass to people who are much bigger and more attractive than you. I won’t be around to save your ass every time."

The guy scurried off and left us with Parker.

"The air smells of testosterone, anger and waffles" Lyle chuckled.

"Thanks Lyle" I said still holding onto Parker.

"Eh, it’s what I’m here for. Now, does the ape man have something to say?" he asked Parker.

"Yes, three things actually" Parker said calmly but his fists were still clenched "one, you’re MINE Dace, don’t forget it. Two, call me ape man again and I’ll kick your balls into your throat. Three, thanks, I was about to bury my foot in his crotch." The last two made me cringe. Let’s not forget I am a guy and I do have...things.

"Well, the majestic Lyle must go save someone else’s sorry ass now, you two crazy kids have fun" he winked "but not too much fun. You’re too young for that.”

Once he was completely out of sight I sighed and dragged Parker to a bench by the park.

"You understand you totally over reacted right?" I asked sitting as close to him as possible.

"You understand you’re mine right?"

"I remind me every two seconds."

"Just trying to make it clear" he shrugged.

"It’s crystal clear Parker; I’m pretty sure now officially everyone knows!"

"Not my dad..."

"Well you can tell him when he gets here."

"He doesn’t like gay people."

"You’re not gay."

"But you’re a guy and I’m very much attracted to you."

"So? You don’t find any other guy attractive do you?"

"Famous people don’t count right?"

"Nope, unless Zac Efron came out as gay and confessed his undying love for you."

"He’s pretty" Parker chuckled.

"But he doesn’t count" I said growing slightly irritated.

"Well I really don’t find guys attractive. Only you...and occasionally Zac. Oh and that guy from that boyband...he’s a gift from God" he smiled.

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