The Uninvited Stranger

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        As I was laying there on my bed, I could hear noises echoing through the narrow hallway. It sounded like someone was walking around outside the other cells. I could hear their footsteps, first loud, and then barely noticeable as they came closer. In that moment I knew in my heart something was very, very wrong. In the week I’ve been locked up here, no one ever came any farther than the record center at night. Even Raven Cliff’s guards stay far away from the dark halls, unless it’s a total emergency, of course.

        There was a dim stream of light coming through a small opening in my cell door. This allowed me to see a tiny percentage of the hallway, and what was happening out there. Whoever it was, and for whatever reason, was standing right outside my door. I could see a shadow seeping through the crack at the bottom of the door frame. The handle on my door began to turn slowly and fear plummeted to my core. I tried my best to move without making any noise, and luckily I rolled myself over. I thought maybe if they think I'm asleep they would leave. The door creaked open letting a small amount of light shine into the room and someone stepped in.

        Well there goes my plan of living long enough to see the next solar eclipse. At first it felt like I could have been the only person that was on the planet. The room was so ominous; it was like I was all alone with just my thoughts. Out of the darkness appeared a voice that seemed to oddly light the room. It was a woman, so sweet and soft like lying in a field of beautiful flowers. Some intoxicating aroma filled the room as I felt her come closer. Chills ran up my legs as if a bag of ice had been laid at the end of my bed. I almost jumped as the chill began to move up my body, but I couldn't find the will to move. It was as if I was frozen in place. The coldness had moved its way up to my neck and I could feel my chest collapsing.

        It was like an elephant was sitting on top of my chest, and it was almost impossible for me to catch my breath. Another voice shot a new jolt of fear into my ears. There was something strange about the second voice. It wasn't nearly as welcoming as the first, but it sounded like a protective mother getting on to her child. I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman's voice. It was deeper than a normal woman's voice, yet it was also quiet and calm. It seemed as soon as the cool came it started to disappear. I felt the chills slowly release me and I painfully gained my breath back. In the same amount of time it took me to fall in love with the woman's voice I began to fear it.

        I tried my best to fight through the horror, however it seemed my mind knew it was a horrible idea. I forced my eyes open in the attempt to find out what was going on a few steps away from me. I should have just left them alone to handle their business, but I just had to know. At the end of my bed stood a lanky, wicked looking woman with a horrifying grin on her face. Her skin looked discolored, as if she had been a burn victim, and her bloodshot eyes showed her pain. She was so mangled and scared I’d honestly wondered how that beautiful voice could come from such a horrible looking creature. She placed her hands on my bed rail as if she was about to play the piano. One finger flowed after the other in an elegant harmonious way. Her eyes turned pitch black as she’d stepped back into the shadows, but I knew she hadn’t moved. The woman opened her mouth, slowly exposing her pearly white teeth, and strangely the teeth some might call “canines” were replaced with jagged fangs.

        I squeezed my eyes so tight I could have sworn my eyelids were forming together. Yet, my eyes shot back open when I heard a thunderous crashing sound were the woman had stood. I couldn’t see her at this time, which shockingly scared me even more, but then I could hear her ominous whimpering. I quietly shifted my feet in the sad attempt to see through a gap at the bottom of my bed rails. She was in the corner of the room, holding her knee close to her chest, and whispering words in a language I couldn't understand. I tried to stay as still as possible, but terror had finally taken over and my body began to quiver. This woman, who had just force-fed me a fear sandwich, was huddling in the corner like a small child. If that horrifying thing was afraid of something, there was no doubt about it; I was surly about to die.

        Letting my curiosity get the best of me, I finally took a look around the room, just to see what the woman was cowering from. There was a man standing in my doorway, not very tall, but from what I could see he was indeed very stunning. He stepped gradually in the direction of the appalling woman, she hissed at him like an endangered cat, and threw her hand out like she wanted to hit him. That's when I saw something so unbelievable; I truly thought I might just be having a nightmare. Her hand glided through the air with ease, exposing the razor sharp claws that took the place of her nails. The handsome man looked as if her useless attempt on his life hadn’t fazed him. He lifted his hand from his side and something dropped down from his sleeve.

        It was a strange looking silver knife with designs and writing from the top to the bottom. The mysterious man thrust his hand down and drove the knife deep in the woman's chest. The poor woman grabbed his arm trying to keep from falling, but her strength failed. She crumbled onto the ground and let out a horrific scream. I almost felt bad for the scared woman as she cringed in agony. Then, to my amazement, she just disappeared, leaving behind only a dark smoke cloud. The man brought his knife up to his forearm and rubbed the blood from his knife onto his sleeve. Before I could stop myself I had let out one of the loudest screams I had ever heard in my life. It was even louder than the one the woman that just died on the floor let out.

        With a jolt of his head the man was facing me, but he looked shocked or somewhat astonished. He started to walk closer to me, he held out his hand as if he was going to grab me and that’s when I lost it. I threw my blankets into the floor, and I start swinging my legs like a crazy person. Out of all that movement, I hit him one time in his stomach, and this obviously pissed him off. Even though I was kicking violently, he grabbed my ankle with ease and yanked me off of my bed. My head slammed into the metal railing of the bed; I screamed out in pain as he raised the knife into the air.

        In a split second, about four people swarmed into the room, and the two guards were right behind them. I probably looked like a raging loon, however I couldn’t care less. I frantically searched the room for any sign of the man, but to my amazement he had just disappeared into thin air. The nurses tried desperately to calm me down, but sadly there was no possible way that was going to happen. I’d just seen a hideous woman get murdered in my floor! So, I’m sorry if my kicking, shaking, crying, and/or screaming disturbed your beauty sleep.

        Plus, to make this night even better, I got stuck with three needles full of "sleepy juice". The next morning wasn’t nearly as horrible as last night, but somehow it seemed to range close enough. I was stuck in a cheaply made padded room with no light to be found. I sat there in the dark for almost seven hours until my doctor came to get me. If I had some screws loose I’m pretty sure I left them back in that room. We sat there in his office for hours on hours talking about what had happened last night. Of course the old geezer didn't believe a word I said, but at least he listened to me. He told me it was just a bad dream, and that if I got some sleep it would be okay.

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