Chapter 5

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Ally's POV
Yay it's shopping time.
*5hours later*
I got so much new stuff I got an I phone 5c in pink AND blue, I got an iPad, a apple laptop, a apple computer, I got tons of makeup and hair stuff, and tons of new clothes and shoes. I'm so lucky.
*monday Morning*
First day of school, I've gotta make a good impression, especially now my last name is Tomlinson.
After I showered and shaved, I blow dried my hair and brushed it. I changed into my matching undies, pulled my blue high waisted skinny jeans on with my 'like a boss' belly top and a nude coloured blazer with nude heels. I done my usual makeup with curled hair with a bow bun at the back.

*at school*
Wow I've never seen so many people in one place, I'm nervous but I've gotta go get my schedule from the office. As I started walking to the office there were wolf whistles from boys and death glares from the girls. Ahh happy life.
When I fount the office I asked for my schedule
"What's your name" the woman asked
"It's Alison Tomlinson" I replied
"Ahh here it is" she said while handing it to me
I walked to my first class which was English and I saw 4 girls looking at me, so I decided to walk up to them
(A- aria H-hanna E- Emily S-spencer M- me)
M- Hi I'm Alison but you can call me Ally
A- Hi I'm Aria
E- Hey I'm Emily
S- I'm Spencer nice to meet you
H- Hiiii I'm Hanna let's be friends
M- yay new friends, so what's your numbers
H- mines ***** *** ***
E- mines ***** *** ***
A- mines ***** *** ***
S- mines ***** *** ***

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