Chapter 1

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Let me start off by introducing myself . My name is Nichole Brentsworth I have long dirty blonde hair and bright hazel eyes, I'm 17 years old and I go to Mayweathers High School. My life is kinda hell and confusing. I live with my aunt and uncle because my mother passed away when I was young, my father yeah that's another story.

I am an only child who gets straight A's and I have one of the towns best athletes as my boyfriend ( Adam) . Not to mention three best friends ( Faith, Savannah, and Bri) who have stuck by me these last four years. Though my aunt isn't around much because she works a lot, my best friends and boyfriend are always here to keep the day moving. Well at lease that's what I thought.....I guess the turn all started a month ago when school ended.

I was walking from my last block class, to my locker where I usually meet Adam at the end of the day. I waited for five minutes and he still had not shown up so I figured his father picked him up early. Adam and I had been best friends since we were young, we grew up next door from eachother.

We just recently started dating our junior year and we were now only three days away from the end of our senior year. We had a perfect relationship aside from our little arguments about stupid things. It wasn't normal for his dad to pick him up and him not text me, but I wasn't thinking too much on it, I would talk to him later. I grabbed my books out of my locker and began to walk to my car.

Walking out the front doors of the school, the sun beaming brightly in my face, I noticed Adam standing by a white Sedan with two boys whom I had never seen before.

"Adam?" I approached the car as he was turning around. He looked at me and I saw him mouth "oh shit". He reached into the car and handed the passenger an item that I couldn't make out. He slowly stalked towards me

"Hey sweets, I was just getting ready to come fetch you." He leaned in to kiss me and I pulled away.

"Who are those guys?" I gave him the look telling him that I wasn't happy with him.

"Their just some friends babe, let's go!" He grabbed my wrist and swiftly started walking towards my car on the other side of the parking lot.

"Adam let go of me and explain. NOW!" I tried to loosen his grip from around my wrist but his hold was excruciatingly tight. I kept wiggling trying to free myself from his grasp, but it was no use. Finally I came to a dead stop

"ADAM LET GO OF ME THIS SECOND!" I ripped my hand free, my wrist was throbbing from the grasp that he had on me.

"Wtf Nichole, gesh stop being so ingornant and let's go" my whole brain process stopped I can not believe he is talking to me like this.

"Excuse me?" I questioned him looking up like he had completely lost his mind.

"I said let's go Nichole now. Move your two feet so we can leave." I didn't know how to react, this wasnt my loving, caring boyfriend who would never disrespect me like this. Who ever this was I wanted him gone he was a monster and I didn't like it.

"Adam I think you need to think abo..."

"Nichole I Dont have time to sit around and listen to your baffling mouth. I said let's go now."

I didn't even think I raised my hand and made sharp contact with his cheek, leaving a bright red stinging hand print.

"Don't ever talk to me like that again, I think you need some time to get your head on straight Adam" and I left him standing there in the middle of the parking lot. My car wasn't to far away from the place where we were standing so I walked the rest of the way and got in and drove off.

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