#5 item of clothing you take

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Harry was on tour and your were starting to get very depressed from having to do everything alone. Your were cleaning the house one day when you found one of Harry's jumper in the closet with a note that said "Y/N I know when you get sad you clean the closet so I left you my favorite jumper here for you so it will feel like I'm hugging you at all times because I promised to never to let you go. xHarry" This is why I fell so hard for this boy.

Liam:You and Liam had a pretty exciting night last night... Which ended with the clothes all over the house. Your decide to get up and take a shower and make breakfast for Liam you grabbed Liam sweats and t shirt and started making breakfast. Your felt two muscular arms wrap around your torso and a whisper in your ear saying "I could get used to seeing this every morning."

Niall:Your hair was not wanting to work with you today, so you grabbed one of Nialls flat bills and went to the mall which you did pretty often and Niall wasn't to happy with. Today was different everyone was looking at you and laughing like it was wrong to see a girl wearing a hat. Little did you know the hat said property of Niall horan. Within a night #weknowwhoY/Nbelongsto was trending worldwide. Trust me I'll get horan back and he won't be happy about it.

Zayn:Yours and Zayns relationship was pretty private since you were still in school and he's in the biggest boy band. One day you decided to wear Zayns customized leather jacket that only he had to school which was a terrible idea. Girls were giving you dirty looks left and right like it was a crime but I didn't care since I could say I was dating THE zayn Malik and they couldn't take him away from me.

Louis-you normally wouldn't wear Louis's clothes out in public but since you didn't have any clothes at his flat you has no other choice. Within minutes if stepping outside paparazzi where all over you asking what you did last night must of been exciting. Louis went storming towards them before I grabbed his arm and pulled him back "babe don't let them get to you it's just a bunch of life less guys trying to get a reaction from year." And with that we walked straight to the car without any more complications

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