Elsa's P.O.V.

From my view it looked like Mike was taking me somewhere downtown.

"We're here!" he said smiling.

"Ok..." i said a littled scared.

When we walked in i saw a lot of drunk people and people kissing on tables. It was really gross. Then Mike started to take me down a hallway, there were lots of bedrooms, then Mike grabbed my hand brought me in a room and shut the door.

"Are ou ready, babe?" he said taking his shirt off.

"No, im not your babe, get away from me!" i say.

He pushed me onto the bed, he took my shirt off and undid m bra. He stared to kiss my neck, and went lower to my legs. I started to cry i wasnt ready for this, then Jack ran into the room and punched Mike in the face. We quickly grabed me and brought me into is car.

"How did you know Mike brought me here?" i asked.

"I put something on his car, and it tracks whos in the car and where he is going" he said.

"Well thanks for saving." i say

"I love you." he says

"I love you too." i say.

"Thanks for the drive home." i say

"No problem, i mean i do live right next door." he said

"Well good night." we both said.

Jack kissed my forehead and we both went into our condos. When i fell asleep, i had nightmares about Mike doing it with me. Ugh at least its a Friday.

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