Ch. 2

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Harmony's p.o.v|

"Harmony!" I hear him call.

I keep my mouth shut.

I hear someone walking in the kitchen. I put my hand over my mouth to stop me from laughing. All of a sudden the door to the pantry almost opens. I grab it trying to make it stay closed.

But it was hopeless, he was way too strong for me. He comes in and closes the door behind him.

I see a can of whipped cream in his hand.

"No!" I screamed. He sprays it in my face and hair.

"Luke!" I squealed.

He starts laughing.

"You son of a bitch!" I giggled.

I open the door and leave the pantry. He comes closer pushing me into the kitchen counter. There was no way out of this. He sprays me with some more whipped cream.

"Luke stop it!"

The lights of the kitchen turn on.

"What's going on here?" My mother laughed.

"Nothing" Luke said.

"He's torturing me, kick him out!" I shouted.

"Shut up little one" Luke replied.

"Ugh," I groaned.

I go up to my room and he follows after me.

"So where am I sleeping?" He asks me.

"I thought you said you have to leave. That was like an hour ago."

"I changed my mind. I rather spend time with you."

"I'm living every girl's dream right now," I say sarcastically.

"I know right" he smirked.

"I was joking."

"Very funny" he replied.

"Okay, you're welcome to sleep on the floor" I tell him.

"That's not gonna happen, Harmony."

"Yeah it is."

"Nope, sorry" he said.

"I'm gonna go and get cleaned up. I'll be awhile, so get yourself comfortable."

I go to the bathroom and take a shower.

Luke's p.o.v|

Harmony goes into the bathroom. I go and take a look around her room. I open the top drawer of her dresser. I look in seeing bras and underwear. I pick up one of her underwear seeing that it was a thong. I smirk to myself. I close the drawer and keep the thong. Okay, that sounded very creepy.

I open another drawer and see a book. I take it and read it. There was a couple of what looked like diary entries. I find one that looks interesting to me.

I hear the bathroom door start to open and I immediately put the diary back in her drawer.

She walks out in her pajamas. I realize I still have her thong in my hand. She looks down at it and shouts at me.

"Luke, why do you have that?!"

"I was just helping myself," I giggle.

"Oh my god" she says.

She gets in her bed.

"I'm going to sleep" she said.

"Alright." I turn the lights out for her.

Then I sneak in her bed and lay on top of her.

"Luke, get ur fat ass off me!" She pushes me off her and shoves me off her bed.

"Ow!" I could hear her laugh. I smile to myself.

I get back in her bed, this time just hugging her.

"That's better" she whispered.

"Much better" I said.

"Goodnight, Luke."

"Night, little one."

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