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Zaki watched as Layla walked away to the bathroom with Haniya. He felt so bad ruining her dress that he ruined his own clothes too. that's just how zaki Ahmed was, dramatic but also caring. Just then a guy he didn't recognise pulled up a chair at his table and sat down , "Sulemaan Iqbal." he outstretched his hand for zaki to shake. Zaki shook his hand to be polite but inside he thought what an arseh*le. he hated when people introduced themselves with their last name. it was like saying hi I have an apple I phone or saying I'm wearing Georgio Armani mistiful aftershave. it just put importance on something that wasn't important. Sulemaan gripped Zakis hand a little too hard and he winced a little,"sorry sometimes I forget how strong I am" Zaki just stared at this obnoxious guy, hopefully he wouldn't encounter him in the summer school. He couldn't deal with an obnoxious guy for a whole week."so what are you doing in the camp then?" Zaki asked hoping sulemaan wouldn't reply with the Islamic camp,"I'm teaching football to kids, and you?" This guy was living up to all of Zakis expectations, there was only one thing left, this guys main hobby had to be 'gym'. after telling sulemaan what he would be doing at the Islamic class zaki hated him even more, sulemaans reply was shocking "oh you're one of the religious types , I could tell by looking at you you'd be the stereotypical religious uptight dude"

"And I could tell by looking at you you'd be the stereotypical arsehole"
Great, zaki thought he was getting off to a brilliant start. First he dropped milkshake all over a girl, then he'd ruined his own jeans and now he'd made an enemy.
"Ooookay then, so have you met the other volunteer?"
"What did you think of her then?"
"Am I supposed to think something of her?"
"Mate, I facebooked her yesterday she is well fit" a creepy smirk spread across his face. if he wasn't careful Zaki would punch that smile of this idiot. wait, Zaki thought, why did he care if this guy was being creepy towards rude girl. He needed to know her name, he can't carry on calling her rude girl,"which one did you Facebook?"
So that was her name, it was beautiful. Flowed off his tongue beautifully 'Layla' zaki repeated in his head. Unfortunately Sulemaan burst his bubble, "did you think she was fit then?"
Zaki jumped up from his chair, the look on sulemaans face made him so angry, "how disgusting can you be?! Imagine if she was your sister and another guy spoke to her like you just did?!" If he didn't leave then he would not be able to control his anger. And with his past, that would not be a good thing.

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