Chapter 24 Hidden Places

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"Oh My God! I killed Amanda!" Stacy shouted.

"What should you do?" Stacy's friend Bree asks.

"Get her feet I'll get her head." Stacy commanded.

"Wo, Wo, Wo, Wait. How did you even kill her." Bree asked.

"I shoot her now lets go. Hurry!'' Stacy commanded as thy dragged Amanda to a closed room.

'' What is this place?'' Bree asked.

"It's A's layer." Stacy said in sock.

"What if A isn't Amanda. What if A is someone else?" Bree questioned.

"Well then there not here now." Stacy whispered.

"I bet their watching us now somewhere else." Bree suggested.

"I bet your right. Just set Amanda over there in the corner and lets get out of here!" Stacy declared.

Bree and Stacy both ran straight out of there in a flash. They didn't want t stay another minute there. They knew somone else was watching them, thy just didn't know who. But they were correct about that person.......but who would it be.

"Bree who do you think it is? I think it might be Jessica. I mean like Jessica loved Amanda. They were best friends." Stacy insisted.

"Or maybe they were trying to get back at you by using Amanda so you wouldn't worry about anything else happening." Bree said.

"Well it didn't work. I'm gonna sleep with one eye open." Stacy yelled.

"Yeah like that would happen. You can't even keep both eyes open at school." Bree yelled.

"Your right, I'm dead meat. I'm gonna get killed." Stacy said.

"I have to leave. I don't want you to get hurt like Paulina." Stacy said as she walked out the door and was kidnapped.......but by who.....

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