Untitled Part 67

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I feel so much better and relieved that I have talked to my mother.. I really thought I wouldn't talk to her and be giving her my forgiveness and things like that... but I felt like I needed to because my baby is always asking about her grandparents.. Ive never told her about my mother but I told her about my dad and how Ive never met him.. then I told her about Terrance and how him and my mother had got married, so that made him my Stepfather. 

Calling Marilyn

Marilyn had let the phone ring for a good 5x and then she picked up the phone

Phone Conversation and putting Marilyn on Speaker

"Hey boo. what is Zykeria doing?" Tytiana asked

"Watching Spongebob with T.J... just got finished eating dinner" she said

"Ohk.. well ill be their in 10 minutes.. i had to make a quick stop after I left the Rehab center talking to my mom" tytiana said

"OH.. it ight.. you cool" she said

"thanks girl.." tytiana said

"you welcome.. but how did it go?" Marilyn asked

"it actually went good.. i told her little bit about me and she told me how she has been doing and processing with the whole getting clean thing.. she bascially asked for my forgiveness so she can make up for the lost time with me and to be in Zykeria's life" Tytiana told her

Ohk.. thats good.." Marilyn said "Im happy for you"

"Thanks, put im finna pull up.. so unlock the door" Tytiana told marilyn

"Ight, bye" Marilyn said 

and they ended the conversation and then Tytiana had knocked on the door "Its Open" T.J said

"thanks a lot marilyn.. a lot" tytiana said to marilyn

"girl.. its all good! you my girl.. im always here for you when nobody else isn't" Marilyn said

she gave Marilyn a smile and then Zykeria intruded "Mommy, Mommy.. where were you?" Zykeria asked Tytiana

"Oh. I had to go see your grandmother" tytiana told Zykeria

"OH" Zykeria said

"well Marilyn, i guess we are going to get going... school in the morning for the little one" Tytiana said


Since tomorrow is Friday imma go get Zykeria.. but probably not exactly on Friday, on a saturday cause I had her for a 3 day weekend last time and a little bit of hell had broke loose! I really wish that me and Tytiana can work it out, cause I'm not going to lie.. I miss her ass and I hate that we doing this whole coparenting and shit!! but my actions had took over me and now we are no longer together.. imma call and see if I can get her on Saturday. 


I was sitting on the couch watching Total Divias and this shit was funny ass hell! Ion really care that much about WWE Smackdown and all that shit, i mean i'll watch every now and then but other than that nahh ion care for it. Then her phone had rung throwing her out of her thoughts and she looked at the screen and it Read "Baby Daddy" ... "oh my fucking god!! what tf do he want now?" she thougt to herself as she was answering the phone..

Phone conversation

"What Dakota?? I thought after i helped you with getting the "Bitch Marissa" a job you would stop calling!!

"Tytiana! It aint even what you think it is" he said

"Then what do you want?" She asked him

"I just wanted to know if I could get Zykeria thi--" he was saying until she cut him off

"Dakota!, you just had my fucking baby, now you want her again?!" She yelled

"Look Ty, its my baby too!" He yelled back

"Ion know.. imma have to think about it.."

"Man, Ty come on.. ill even go pick her up from school today.. you'n even gotta worry about that or about packing her no clothes or shoes" He said

"Ight Dakota! Damn" she said

"Yesss" he said snd they ended the conversation


My baby grave me a second chance to be in her life and I am sooo thankful for that.. I really wish I was there for my grandbaby... like when she had Zykeria, when Zykeria had took her very first steps, and all .. but I am going to make up for lost time! I will enjoy this and love it to the fullest!!!


I had just came to the school to pick up Zykeria. I hope this weekend go as planned and I think that we should just stay in the house this weekend.. we may go hangout at the mall and stuff, but other than that I'm chilling at the crib with my baby girl and Marissa.. 

"Daddy!!!" Zykeria shouted as she running up to me with a hug smile on her face

"Baby girl" Dakota said huggin her "You happy to see me?" he asked her

"Yeah, but why mommy didn't come get me?" she asked

"Because I told her I would and besides your spending time with your daddy again this weekend" he said

"Okay." she said and he had buckled her up and then he got in and proceeded down the road heading to his house. The ride was slient a little bit until he had broke it and said "Soo, Ms. Zykeria.. how was school?" 

"it was good daddy... we learned a lot of new things" she said

"Oh really now.. like?" he asked 

"You know.. a lot" she said

"Okay Zykeria" he said and continued down the road turning up his music

"daddy, can you play beyonce 7/11?" she asked

"What you know about Queen B?" He asked her

"Mommy play's her music sometimes when we are in the car.." she told him

"Ohhh.. I'll look for it on Pandora" he said and typed in the Beyonce station and about a couple minutes later they were at his house and Zykeria had hopped out the car while he grabbed her bookbag and they entered the house...

"Marissa, baby.. wya??" He said loud enough so she could come out

And she came around they corner all happy.. but it's like when she saw Zykeria.. her whole attitude had went from Happy, to annoyed and Zykeria saw her roll her eyes and Zykeria had narrowed hers back at her .. almost as if she was Mugging her or giving a stank look

"Zykeria... your here" Marissa said with a Fake Smile forming on her face

"Yes she is and she's going to spend time with us this weekend... my two favorite girls" Dakota said, putting his arms around them both, but picking Zykeria up... and when he said that Marissa had said "Ughhh" under her breath...

"Dakota, can I talk to you a min up stairs?" She asked

"Yeah.." he saisaid and turned on spongebob for Zy

They made it up stairs and then Marissa had shut the door a little..

"Dakota.. is she going to be coming around every fucking weekend?" Marissa asked sounding annoyed

"Maybe, Maybe not.. and so what if she do.. that's my daughter.." he said

"Okay, Dakota.. I understand that .. but what if I want to get "Busy" with you and we aint gone be able to cause of that little black ass child down their?!?!!!" She semi yelled so Zykeria couldn't hear ....

To be Continued....

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