Chapter 7: Heartbeat

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It was rainy and I couldn't go home. I didn't bring any umbrella with me, and I was stuck in the university. I want to go with Sehun but he didn't come today. I want to asked Jongdae but I can't find him. Last chance is Baekhyun, but I don't think I can face him right now. Too much, and too embarrassing.

"Screw this" I started to run out from the university and cover my head with my hands, but no use, I'm still all wet.

But suddenly the rain started to get heavier and I don't have any choice but to wait outside a store, or else I'll catch a bad cold. It was so cold that I rubbed my both arms so I won't get too cold. I was searching for some tissues or maybe handkerchief on my bag, then, "Eun hee?"

I was shocked.. it was him Baekhyun.

He then run slowly inside the store, "You didn't bring umbrella?" I couldn't talk because it was freezing, and didn't want to face him, so I just shook my head.

Baekhyun was looking at me, then he took off his jacket and gave it to me, "Wear this.." I stepped away to avoid, "Hey, it's cold, you can catch a cold if you don't wear this. Besides... your clothes are a bit, transparent..."

I was looking at my clothes, and yes... I can actually see inside it, so I hold his jacket tighter. My cheek was blushing because it was embarrassing, "Thank you so much".

He nodded. It was a few second of silence, "Why don't we.." I looked at him, "use my umbrella, so you can go home and clean up, warm yourself?" He asked. I smiled, "Sure".

So then, me with his jacket and him walked from the store. The rain didn't stop but become heavier and heavier. Our shoulder touched several times, my heart just started to beat faster and faster.

Hold on there dude I was referring to my heart, because it beats so fast that I'm afraid he can hear it.

Suddenly I remembered something, "How could this be again..?" I mumbled. "What?" I wasn't sure if he didn't hear me or what.

"Nothing.." I lost it.. again.

"You mean.. when we were in high school?"

I looked at him bolded. He remembered! I slightly smile wider and wider. "Glad you started it" he continued.

My hands suddenly stopped us, "So you actually remember! I thought this whole you.."

"Didn't recognize you? How can I?"

"Baek.. I'm..."

"I'm the one who should say sorry. It was childish and not responsible. I'm sorry.." his words started to tears me off. He then looks confused, "Ple..please don't cry! I uh..."

I don't what's into me, but I suddenly hugged him. I can't hold the miss and everything, it was very perfect. I let my regrets gone..

"I'm sorry! I was selfish, I was childish. I regret everything I said to you! I uh..." I let go off my arms and wipe my tears. "I'm very sorry.. I really wanted to talk to you.. since the first I saw you again on that vocal room. But you seemed like you didn't know me, so I don't have the guts to talk to you first. It goes on till now.. I deserve to be punish, after what I did to you! But.. but.. that day, the graduation day. I went to your house, but I was too late. I pull the gate for several times, and calling your name, but..." tears start to falling again, I cracked into tears.

He wipe my tears and said, "I'm sorry too. I shouldn't looked at you like strangers. I'm just.. suprised to see you, but seeing how you acted in front of me.. I can't talk to you. That day, when I went to Japan. It was horrible, I want to go with a friendly good bye to you. But everything turned 180° and it's not only your fault. Only a week later, I went back to Korea. To where I belong, to you. I missed you Eunhee, so much."

That time, we hugged, my heart beat starts to beat faster again. Everything become so bright that I don't want to end it so fast. It was the longest time, the coldest weather, and the warmest hug.


We have finally arrived at my house. "Never change a bit" Baekhyun smiled. "Do you want to go inside? To meet mom and dad?" I offered him to go inside, I'm sure mom and dad will be so happy to see him.

"Maybe some other time?" He smiled again. I can see his eye smile, "That eyesmile has never gone" I also smiled.

"And that smile has never gone too, accept for your cuteness. I think it's slightly gone" he joked.

"Oh shut up! It was the first joke since we've met. I thought you have lost your sense of humor in Japan" then he laughed, "In a week, I can lost my sense of humor, thank God it wasn't 3 years as I planned to be or else I might lost something else."

I smirked, "yeah like what? Your sense?"

He shook his head, "No.. you"

My face turn red, "It's cheesy! I can't recall how cheesy you were, Byun Baekhyun. Welcome back" I handed my hand.

"Thank you Ms. Lee EunHee" he shook it.

"Well I guess you should go now, before it starts to rain again. Ha..shymmm, sorry" I wiped my nose.

"Urghh still like a kid, easily get cold. Now get inside and warm yourself up! I'll call you later!" He walked first.

"Hey hey! How can you call me when you don't have my number!" I shouted at him.

"I can asked your boyfriend, Oh Sehun!!" He shouted from afar.

I got bolded, "What? HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!" he just raise his shoulder and waved. So then I waved to him to and went inside.


Inside, mom was waiting for me. "Is that...?" I nodded.

"He came back!?" Mom was suprised. So I nodded again, "4 months ago mom! But I haven't got the chance to tell you. We talked today... he said he comes back for me" I couldn't hold the happiness inside of me.

Mom was happy too, my daughter is in love she thought.

"Now get clean up." She smiled and hugged me, I just smiled.

After shower, I just laid in my bed. My nose kept on sneezing like crazy, "This thing kills me" I put myself inside the blanket try to get my self warmer.

As I drown myself inside th blanket, I suddenly remembered when me and Baekhyun hugging, how we express each others regret and missed.

Ah heart.. hang on there and I fall asleep

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