Twenty five

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"I didn't know you were coming." Michael said. "I know, the plan was to come out next week and surprise you but Olivia is planning a party for Luke and she wanted us here. So here we are." I explained. He grinned. "I'm so glad you're here."

We put all my things in my room, which was evidently only six doors down from Michael's. I doubt I'd be spending much time in there anyways, I'll probably sleep in Michael's room and spend most of my time there.

"So how long are you staying?" Michael asked. "I think about 5 weeks."

He gaped at me. "What about Scarlett?"

I shrugged and unlocked my door. "Candice can handle it. She promised she'd send pictures and FaceTime us all the time to keep us posted." I said. He nodded and followed me into the room.

"So do you want to come hang with us? I'm sure everyone's flipping to see you, now that they know you're here."

I nodded and we went back to the boys' room.

Luke, Ashton, Calum, Anna, Emily and Olivia were sat in the living room, about to watch a movie.

"MUMMA!!!" Ashton screamed and ran over to me, hugging me. "Hey ash." I said and leaned into him. Luke came over and put all his weight on me, almost making me fall. "Hello to you to Lucas." I teased. He pouted. "My name's not Lucas."

"I know, I know I'm just kidding."

Olivia and Em grouped hugged me. Calum was the last to see me, we hugged and he said he was happy to see me.

Mikey and I settled down with Luke and Olivia on the big couch, Ashton was sitting on the little couch, Emily was laying down on the little couch with her head in Ashton's lap and Anna and Calum were sharing the recliner chair.

Someone, I'm not sure who but my suspicions are it was Luke, decided we are watching Seventeen Again. Because Zac Effron is in it.

I have one word for Zac Effron: HOT!

All through the movie, Michael played with my hair and kissed my cheeks adorably. Oh, how I love this boy.

We fell asleep in the lounge room and were rudely awakened by a loud pounding on the door.

I groaned and stretched. Luke rolled off the couch and crawled over to the door, pulled himself up and looked through the peep hole. He groaned and turned around to face us. "Guys, it's Adam."

"Shit." Calum mumbled. "Who's Adam?" Anna asked. "Our manager." Luke replied and opened the door.

"Boys, we're leaving in twenty minutes why the hell aren't you dressed-oh. Since when did they get here?" He asked, unimpressed by the state of Anna and I.

"Last night. What were you saying?" Michael replied. "I was saying that we're leaving in twenty minutes, but now I guess we can't because I didn't know these two were coming and only bought six tickets."

"Then rent a fucking private plane, Adam! It's not like we can't afford it." Calum scoffed. Adam rolled his eyes. "Okay, whatever Mr. Hood. It's not that simple."

"Yes it is. Call the airport and tell them we need a private jet, take the fee out of our paychecks." Ashton said in a duh tone. "Fine." Adam huffed and stormed away.

"Well isn't he a bundle of joy." Anna mumbled, stretching.

Michael ordered room service and everyone zipped around, getting dressed and making sure everything was in it's respectable bags, and the bags were in the boys' room and waiting by the door.

We quickly stuffed our faces with food and ran down to the lobby and into the two taxis Adam had called for us.

Twenty minutes later, we were at the airport and getting on a private plane.

"Lily sit next to me!" Michael whined. I rolled my eyes. "No, I'm going to sit next to Calum."

Mikey pouted and grabbed my hand, pulling me to the two seats facing each other by the window in the back of the plane. Calum, Luke, Ashton and Olivia sat in the booth table in front of us and Emily and Anna sat in the seats facing each other by the window in the front of the plane.

I propped my feet up in Michael's lap and pulled out my phone. Candice has sent me a picture of Scarlett in her baby jeans, tiny converse and baby Rolling Stones t-shirt Ashton had bought her. I sent it to Mikey and then showed it to Ashton.

"Oh my god, she's so cute!" Ashton cooed. Everyone at the table crowded around my phone, cooing and awing over my daughter.

"Yeah, nice job Ash!" Liv said and high fived him.

The plane started moving so I quickly returned back to my seat and had a staring contest with Michael.

The flight from Atlanta to New York was four hours and I spent it sleeping, cuddling with Michael, talking with the boys and painting Emily's nails.

When we landed, we were driven in a limousine to our next hotel. This one was much bigger, about 30 stories tall. Michael and I would be sharing a room, so would Emily and Ashton, although Olivia and Anna decided to share instead of going with their boys, for some reason.

"I'm so sleepy." I moaned. "Same." Michael replied, yawning. "Let's just go to sleep then."

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