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"Right are we all ready, have we got everything.......and I mean everything??" Simon announced. They all nodded, including Alison. "Right,here it is then mum, it's time." Jacob mentioned. They walked onto the plane but Amy just stood there. Everybody was all settled down when..... "AMY" Alison screamed. "Ok the plane is about to take off so get your seat belts on and make sure your bags are on the shelves" the Air Hostess clearly said. Amy was standing there not knowing what to do. Her heart was thumping as though she was getting punched in the chest. Alison was shaking like she was on a vibrating chair. Jacob paused. Simon looked startled. Amy sprinted like Usain Bolt thinking she could make it onto the plane but as she got to the plane door.......... It SHUT!! CREEK! CREEK! BANG! She looked out of the window and saw that the plane was running on its wheels down the runway. "Mum,Dad!" She gasped. Amy sat down on the bench with tears trickling down her rosy,red cheeks. After a few minutes, she found a bench so she wheeled her suitcase along with her across the smooth floor. "Why,why didn't I just get on the plane instead of being a stupid idiot and just standing there!" Amy mumbled to herself whilst slouching down on the brown painted bench. " Oh Simon what are we going to do. We're up in the air whilst Amy's down on the ground. She's on her own there's no one down there to see to her or take her home!!" Alison moaned. Amy took out her phone and the next minute.... "No come back here, let go, pass it back!" Amy screamed. All she could see was the blurs of the people that took her phone. After that, someone grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her somewhere where she'd never been before.

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