Chapter 4: The Welder

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We had escaped from prison and we were hiding in a old abandoned shack. We were running from the guards when we saw a pile of hay with horses eating from it, and so we hid behind the pile, saw the shack, and here we are. "What do we do now Danny? Those guards will probably look for us in here," Kyle said. "Don't worry dude," I said, "This place is like, 2 miles away from town." "But still, what if they see our footprints?" Footprints? It's Scotland in the 1400s. In summer. Everything is either covered by grass or dry." Kyle seemed relieved. He was the worrying type. It got quiet. We felt a wave of heat and heard metal pounding. "What's that?" I asked. "You think it's the guards?" Kyle replied. "No. But it's so HOT! I'm sweating like crazy!" I sat down and I felt a piece of wood sink under me. Then the floor started turning into steps going downward. "What the heck is happening?!" Kyle yelled. We felt a wave of burning heat. "Who goes there?" said a mysterious voice. "We're not here to hurt you! We're just lost boys," I said, "I'm Danny and this is my cousin Kyle." "You may enter." We went down and we saw blazing flames, swords, daggers, axes, and any other kind of blade you could imagine. We saw a man in the corner. "Why are you here?" he asked. "We escaped from the prison and we were running from the guards when we found this shack and we hid here." "Wait, how did you escape?" "A man named Secret." "My old apprentice! I knew that he was trouble the minute he made those swords! The whole kingdom would have perished if I haven't have hid them-" "Hold on, you hid them?" "Well, they were too powerful for one man to hold." The welder was hiding something and I could see it. I picked up a fresh, new sword, still hot. "Look man, I don't want to hurt you, but you need to tell us the truth," I said. I wasn't really going to stab him, I was just trying to scare him. "Ok! Ok! I'll talk. So, when Secret made the weapons, they were so powerful that everyone wanted them. Then people got violent, and hurt others for the infinity blades. Once someone attacked Secret, and, in self defense, he stabbed his attacker. Then he was charged for murder, and put in jail for life. Then everyone went about their day, not remembering it at all," the Welder explained. "That sounds strange," Kyle said, "Why would they just forget that?" "Well, here's the weird thing. When he died, he wasn't bleeding. I came back later and dissected him, and found out that he was half robot. He wasn't even human! I have a theory that me, Secret, and you guys are the only humans here." Ok, this dude's crazy. "Ok, ummm, we're going to go now, but you can just stay here and make more weapons," I said. "Wait, wait. I know it sounds crazy but it's true. Here I still have the head to prove it." He showed us the robot head. "Wow that seems legit," Kyle said. "Hey, I have an idea," said the Welder, "What if you guys help me rid this land of the robots? We could be legends!" "Ok," I said, "but only if you tell us where those awesome infinity blades are."

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