6- Long Journies

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(A/N the thing in this chapter would never happen but hey, it's a fanfic, anything can happen!)

A loud noise awakes Morgan from her deep, peaceful, dreamy sleep.

She groans as she hits the 'dismiss' button her phone to stop the ringing alarm.

Morgan groans again, not because she wants to stay in her warm cosy bed and sleep till 11 but because she was dreaming the best things: that she would marry Aaron Ramsey, that they bought a little jack Russel puppy. However when they got home there were 10 puppies, eventually the puppies began to multiple and after a while a figure pop out from underneath the puppies.

A woman.

But not any old woman.

Morgan's mum.

Morgan hated these kind of dreams, to be honest every dream usually ended like this, her mum popping out from out of the blue. It caused fear throughout her, Morgan tried desperately to forget all the bad things of her mother and just remember the special moment she cherished so much before the whole incident.

But obviously it never worked.

However Morgan knew she had to forget the dream and just get through her day but that was just the past and the past will never happen again.

Rubbing her heavy eyes Morgan gets up out of her bed; walks over to her sink and splashes some cold refreshing water over her face.

Quickly she adds some makeup and does her hair to quickly run outside and muck out the horses.

It takes longer than usual to do all of the animals but it was worth spending some quality time with all three of them: Elijah, Pumpkin and Sherman.

Morgan gets back inside, takes a shower and gets ready to go to college.

As she goes downstairs she remembers it's the first day of college of her being 20, the amount of people who would run up to her and ask her about her day, but the amount of those people she would actually tell the whole story to would be very little because she had very big trust issue obviously with thinking her mum promised she wouldn't take her own life when of course she did the very next day after she told her own daughter the biggest lie.

Morgan groans as she climbs into her car, he body aches because of all the riding, god she's getting old, Morgan thinks. Twenty, Morgan has been alive for twenty years. It's been a very long journey. However this time ten years she was happy, very happy but a lot can happen in ten years, more like six years.

Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different? Morgan thinks.

The drive to Morgan's college is boring as it's her usual routine: get up, muck out, groom, feed the dog and horses, have a shower, get dressed, get ready, drive to college, go to classes, drive home, exercise the horses and dog, have dinner, go to bed. Plus anything like extra coursework for college.

However Morgan forgets all about her quite boring yet fun for her daily usual routine and drives through into her college car park; rushes through the doors and through the corridors to her lockers where she meets her friends every morning.

There like every morning she sees a small brunette girl. Her hair in beachy curls below her shoulders, her eyes brown and her smile wide. Next to her a tall boy, his mousy hair straight up in a quiff and his blue eyes shining. Morgan realised he was a very good looking boy she was glad her best friend had him to herself. Finally next to him a tall blonde haired girl, on very tight fitting fashionable clothes. Her smile bright and reaches to each ear which reminds Morgan of happiness because this girl has been with her through thick and thin as she knows what it feels like to have a parent cheat on another because it was her father who Morgan's mother had an affair.

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