Chapter 14: the answer is... (part 1)

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*3 weeks later*

In my life things have been the same- in a way I guess. I still don't remember my past and whenever I ask Mom or Dad about it Mom gives Dad a look and he keeps quiet and Mom yells at me for asking. As you can probably guess the situation is the same when I ask why I can't live with mom yet until the child protection say its okay. Since that night The weird dreams have been occurring a lot but I don't mention them at all to anyone because I don't want to worry them. Even though I'm at my Grandmas I still see my family from Dad's side though, infact I saw my auntie Whitney (one of my Dads sisters) and her daughter (my baby cousin) yesterday.

"Liv hurry up, you've been in there for 2 hours" Caiah yelled banging on the bathroom door. "Chill, little lambchop I'll be out in like 5 minutes" i lied speaking in the same tone as mom to tease him. Caiah broke the shower in his en suite so now he has to use the  main bathroom shower (which is the one I use) until the plumber comes and fixes it. "Mirror mirror, won't you realise" I sang along to one of my moms songs as I washed my hair before humming the rest of the tune. Half an hour later I wrapped a towel round my hair and another around my body before walking out of the bathroom. "It smells like and explosion in a perfume factory" he coughed as I shut the door. "Its called having good hygiene" I said giving him the stale face He teased me back "its called singing lessons try them sometime". "Excuse me?" I said turning red before hitting him on the head with my hairbrush hard. He rubbed the back of his head glaring at me. I grinned making  my dimples poke through my cheeks "Deserved it" I stated simply walking off.

After getting changed I raced downstairs with Caiah and Grandma had made waffles (in case you didnt know they are my favorite) and the both of us wolfed them down in seconds. "Thanks Grandma those waffles were really good" I said muffled as  my was mouth full of them. The doorbell rang echoing through the large house and I grabbed my duffel bag. "Its them!" I scree chef excitedly "bye Grandma Carol, bye Caiah, love you" I said kissing my Grandma's cheek and hugging Caiah before running to open the door. " Have a good day Olive enjoy" Caiah called after me "Have fun" Grandma shouted. "You too" I said flinging the door open. "HIIII" I said wrapping Josè and Sophia in a tight hug.  "How are you?" They smiled hugging me as tight. "The same as I was when you saw me last night" I laughed. They rolled their eyes. "Come" they said pulling me into their chauffer driven  car.

"So," Sophia said as she straightened her hair in her bedroom mirror "How are things going at home?". I sat cross legged painting my nails black "oh yknow normal," I lied blatantly. "I mean Mom and Dad won't really tell me anything other than the fact that theyre not together but that's okay". "Oh" Sophia said raising an eyebrow. Josè straightened up slightly sensing how uncomfortable I was "Speaking of your parents, I wonder what they're doing now" He questioned. "They'll probably be getting ready for the social worker to arrive, or doing important stuff, she should be here at the house an hour." I said as a matter of factly.


"Ah- b-baby I'm gonna c-cum" I moaned softly as I wrapped my arms around Safaree's neck as he pumped in and out of me. He sped up his pace and began to pound into into me making me moan uncontrollably."what's my name?" He whispered. "FUCK, S-SAFAREE" I screamed in pleasure as I dug my nails into his back and wrapped my legs around him. Soon after I we both came making the bed shake violently. "I love you Safaree" I panted as I rested my head on his chest "I love you Onika" he said kissing me passionately and wrapping his arms around my waist. "SHIT!" Safaree exclaimed. "Nika whats the date today?" He asked sitting up rapidly. "The 23rd why b- SHIT" I said worriedly. "The social worker" I said worriedly. "Okay nic you get ready and get the house ready then when you've finished well swap over okay?" I nodded before pecking his lips. I showered and changed into a Versace T-shirt and jeans before brushing my hair and putting on my hello kitty slippers. I walked downstairs and Safaree had made turkey bacon. "My favourite" I smiled kissing his cheek. "I'll go shower and get changed now if the social worker comes tell her I'm in the bathroom" he said going upstairs. I sat down eating my turkey bacon. Once I had finished I washed the plates and put them in the cupboard, I usually have a cook to do it but their time off was extended due to situations. The intercom for our house gates buzzed,telling me that someone was trying to get through and I pressed the button to hear a bubbly voice. "Hello, Miss Maraj, Mr Samuels, I am a representative from Social services and I have come to inspect your house". I opened the gates and her car drove in. Swiftly after the door bell rang and Safaree came up behind me. "Ready?" He asked wrapping his hand around my waist. "Ready." I smiled back. We opened the door and a blonde haired woman with casual clothes greeted us smiling. "Hello, so were should we start?,really" She asked. I led her upstairs and she examined the rooms then scanned downstairs. "Right I've seen enough" she stated showing me her papers, my heart skipped a beat.

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