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March 19th, 2013

It's been a week since I seen Jordan. I tried to visit her everyday but my father has been trying to make it up to me by spending time with me. His name is James Miller, he's a Social Studies teacher and him and my mom are divorced. He's a very good father but my mom hates the fact that he'a trying to spend time with me.

I was also busy from school, work was piling up and I didn't get the chance to do all of it because I'v been worried about Jordan. Ashton texted me today, to get everyone after school, Jordan was awake.

When Ashton texted me that, I was happy as ever. As I texted everyone else, I started to wait until school dismissed us and I was getting my stuff out of my locker and I told the group, (talking about Calum, Luke, and Mikey) as we were about to head outside to my car, someone then, grabbed me by my wrist and I turn around and seen Kendall. Great.

"Where are you guys going." I sighed and told him that we were going to the hospital and he wanted to come with us, "Let me come with you guys, she is my girlfriend after all." I sighed, "Fine," I turn back around to Calum, Luke and Mikey, and when I turned back around Calum looked really mad. I was mad aswell, Kendall gripped my wrist, and begged for me to let him come with us? Fucking bullshit.

As we headed out to my car, I sat of course, in the driver seat, Calum in the passenger seat, then Mikey, Luke and Kendall in the back

"It's to tight," Kendall says struggling to get room. I look in the rear view mirror and look at Kendall, then give him a smirk, "Well, you're the one who wanted to join us, now that's your fault from taking a ride with me. You know this is our group, including Jordan and Ashton." I then start backing out of the parking lot and we head to the hospital.

We then sit in the waiting room, then Ashton calls all of us, telling us it's ok to go into Jordan's room.

Ashton's POV
I go to the waiting room and call everyone to tell them it's ok to come to her room. Then, before I knew it, Hazel ran into the room and hugged Jordan tight, then laid in the bed with Jordan and put her arm around her. Then Calum, Mikey, Luke and then Kendall!?!? What the hell, why is he here? This is the first time he visited Jordan throughout the whole time she was in the coma. I give Calum the 'what the hell' look then, he just shrugged. Kendall then kisses her forehead and takes her hand and stands there awkwardly.

I look at Hazel and she rolls her eyes and pulls Jordan closer to her, then we all talk about things and how school's been.

Hazel's POV

As we all talked about what was going on with eachother, I did not talk about what was going on with my family and my dad. Jordan's in the hospital and I did not want her to worry about me. Then as we were all talking and laughing, the nurse said that visiting hours were over then we all left her room and went outside.

Calum POV

Hopefully, I'll be able to spend time with Hazel, since it is the weekend, and she doesn't have to worry about school work.

"So Hazel, what are your plans tonight," I don't know why, but I felt nervous to ask, then she looked over at me and then gave me a little smile, "I'm going to study in the collage book I have for Medical, I wanna be ahead." She starts to blush and I pull her close to me, "Awww, you're such a nerd, I was just wanted to know because I wanted to spend time with you tonight."

Hazel's POV
As Calum pulled me close to him, I started to blush mad hard and I couldn't help but to smile, "Maybe next friday Calum, I'v been really busy this week." I then kissed his cheek and everyone else comes to us and we went to my car and I drew them home. Then I go over to my father's house and spend the weekend over there so him and I can spend time together this weekend. I love Calum and all, but I have not seen my father in 11 years. I wanted to make have memories to remember, because the memories I had when I was 7, they're all a blur.

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