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Hi, my name is Cara. I'm from Miami, Florida. I messed up the first month of ninth grade at Miami High School . It was like the best school in the city. I don't like school. Not only I don't like that, I don't like people. Like I'm a fucking potato to people. Basically a potato is... a person who is plain and weird. While everyone is like different forms of a potato like for Example... Mash potatoes, French fries and chips. For me to become one of those things I have to get the tools to successfully succeed and become something. Not only I'm a potato, but I'm a house potato. Eventually, if I don't become one of those things I'm going to sit up, rot and get thrown away.
On the last cool days of September, I fought my mom. Like it wasn't intentional, but, it was intentional. I was tired of her calling me names and not putting her faith in me She called the police on me. They questioned us asked what happened. We answered. Later that hour, They told me. That I'm not getting locked up and they were going to take me to the hospital.

Next, they told her to follow them on their way to the hospital. As, they take me to the hospital the nurses ask me questions and stuff. They're not surprised to see me. Really because all of my Information that was backed up in their files. The last three years I go to hospitals not for any injuries, I always go because of my depression. So, usually I'm waiting for them to do the next step. For them take me to the mental hospital. I'm surprised that, that they don't have my named stared on any of those rooms at the regular hospital. As soon as the social worker and the doctors came in and out the room asking me questions. Couple of hours went by, they finally came up with the conclusion that nothing was wrong with me. So of course they discharged me. My mom and I, exited out the hospital. Both of us got into the car. The last thing she said to me that afternoon was " bitch you gotta the fuck outta my house."

So of course, as soon as we pulled up to the house, she's so petty. Like she ran to the door, waited for me to get up the stairs to the porch. So I could open the screen door. Before I could even open the door, she hurries up locks it. My older brother and cousin lives down the street. So I walked down there to tell them what happen. Of course she tells them, but never tells her wrong. So I give them the run down. My oldest brother came to pick me up told him not only my part but her part too. He said we're both wrong. So he calls my mom and persuades her to let me back into the house. I apologized to her.

Two days after that, she tells me that She called the juvenile justice place "supposedly" for me to get locked up that the date was on Wednesday. Then she adds to that " you can't stay at home all day I need to get out and socialize." Next day Tuesday, Now I have to go to the neighborhood "hood" school. Where I didn't really know anyone. I was frighten... I mean I always have been , because it's like being back in elementary school. Bigger kids, Different lunch times and different classes. As go to the counselor's office, she tells me "wooow! This is an excellent report card!" She was talking about my eighth grade, fourth quarter report card. She goes on and says "I'm giving you all honor classes." So, of course I'm thinking I'm just getting higher curricular classes.

My first three classes are just freshmen. Then came my fourth hour class full of seniors and like seven more freshmen. Now it's lunch time, I'm confused... my schedule on my paper was so odd and confusing than the other schedule at my old school. So I'm kinda looking around. Looking like a lost puppy.

I kinda glanced and I saw this boy that I was talking to. Didn't even know he went to the school. Okay, before all this , I had been kiking this boy name Devin, on and off for almost two years. He's a senior so we are far apart from age. We met off of Instagram. We started talking again during the summer. When I seen him in person at my high school tour in May. I was scared to speak at the time... So when I saw him, he turned around and our eyes met. I walked away. He ran up to me and asked me "is your Kik name makeit....?" Before he could even say the rest I said "yeah." We were standing by the stairs next to the commons, talking. "You wanna sit?" He said. I said "Sure." So, we walked to a table to talked about my classes and things related to that topic. Ten minutes went by the first lunch was finished. We walk to the left wing of the school. I told I him needed a ride going home. He said he'll give me a ride home.

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