~Part 10~

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I woke up face first into the couch. I had fainted but thankfully I had the couch there. I was out for a whole hour. I felt sick so I ran to the bathroom.
I got there and I threw up. I felt better afterwards. Than I remembered what had happened an hour ago.
I instantly started crying on the sink.
I had a good 10 minutes session of crying and pulling everything off of my body. I turned the water on as I stepped into it and tried to clean myself off. My hair was done to so I was cleaning that out.
I haven't seen my hair yet. I got out of the shower and dried everything off.
Than I looked at myself in the mirror.
My eyes were all puffy and my hair was now all blond.
I liked it. It didn't look bad. It was darker than Michaels though.

I just stood there and day dreamed.
Michael was all that kept coming to mind.
Than the blades.
I was so tempted. I had totally forgotten that I had them still.
I opened the draw and saw the little box with the words 'my real friends' on top of it.
There were a total of 6 in there the last time I had checked a year ago.
I had 2 razor blades, exacto knife blade, 2 sharpener blades, and a sharp piece of medal that would cut threw anything.
I opened it.
I saw only 5 of them.
The sharp piece of medal was gone.
I looked around the sink and the floors.
"Where could it be?" I whispered myself.
Than it hit me.
I ran to my phone and text Michael ignoring my brothers messages.
To: Michael,
Michael. Where are you? I'm sorry I kicked you out. Don't hurt yourself. Please.

I sent it.
I waited 5 minutes and nothing.
I texted him again.
To: Michael,
Michael please! Please answer me!!
I waited 10 minutes until I called him.
His phone ran 5 times than voice mail.
"Hey this is Michaels um.. Phone so yeah."
"Michael?? Please call me back or text me! Please. I'm so sorry. Please answer me. Don't hurt yourself. Please please dont." Than I ended the call.
I couldn't handle it anymore.
I went to the door and got my boots on and my jacket on. It was fall so it was cold.
I checked my phone. 4:02
I opened the door and it was snowing. A blizzard more like it. Then that's where he was. On my bottom steps passed out , head against the rail. With only a sweater on. His sleeves were rolled up.
"Michael!!" I ran down and tried to see if he was awake.
His arms were all bloody and the medal still in his hands. I threw it away into the street behind me.
"Michael! Hey Michael wake up please!!" I wake shaking him and trying to find a pulse. He was still breathing. He was almost buried in the snow.
"Michael! Please!" I was crying now. I didn't know what to do.
"Wake up!" He still didn't wake up.
I tried to pull him up so I could carry him to the house but that couldn't happen. I took off my jacket and put it around him. Trying to warm him up a bit. There was blood all over the ground that was now full of snow.
"Michael wake up please." I was so scared.
I pulled out my phone.
it rang one time.
"Liz hey!! How are yo.."
"Jordan come home now! Michael is hurt and we are outside and I just.. i don't know what to do. Please. He won't wake up." I tried to sound as clear as possible.
"Okay okay. calm down. I'll be there in 5." Than he hung up.
I crouched down to see if he had waken up yet. I grabbed his head.
"Michael Clifford! God dammit wake up! Please. Just open your eyes or something. anything!!" I was shaking him. I was freezing as it is. This blizzard was horrible. No one was out walking or driving so I couldn't just ask someone to come over and help me. This was really scary.
"Michael I've only known you for a day and I know this might sound crazy but if you die here. I will never ever be able to live with myself ever again. i don't want to lose someone else close to me. So please just wake up!" I ran out of tears. My hands were all bloody from stopping the blood to come out. It made a lot of the white snow around us turn into a crimson red.
I had pulled his sleeves back down his arms and tuck them into his chest.
"Lizzy!" I turned to see jordan run up behind me.
"Jordan come and help me bring him inside." I yelled as I stood up.
he stopped and stood at the blood.
"Oh my god." was all he could say before he picked up michael and I helped carry him up the stairs into the house.
We finally got him inside and now on our couch. Jordan ran off to go get blankets and bandages.
"Michael. We are safe now. Please wake up." I started crying again. My head fell onto his chest.
"Wake up." was all that came out of my mouth.

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