Chapter 1

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Calum came home and throw his back pack at the wall and slide down the door. "Why does this happen?" he thinks as he wipes the blood from his nose. He walks in to his bathroom and looks in the mirror. There is a guy who looks like Calum and copies his every move but is covered in bruises , scratches and blood. He sighs and cleans himself up.  He hears his phone ding that annoying sound that his iPhone makes. He finishes placing the last band-aid and walks over to it.
        One new Kik message!

From: Michael_Cliff : Hey its the boy from Walmart!

Calum frowns in confusion at his phone. He clicks on the picture of the guy. "He's atractive." Calum thinks and  laughs at how crazy the boys blue hair looked he debated on weather or not to tell the boy that he has the wrong kik. he sighs "I guess i should" Calum thinks

To Michael_Cliff: Sorry but i think you have the wrong kik

I honestly cringe everytime i read this... 


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