Feel My Touch

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Valentines Day

Your POV

"Happy Valentines day (y/n)-chawnnn!" Sanji cooed as he handed you a chocolate milkshake with a little pink heart candy that read 'lets kiss' placed on top where a cherry should be. You giggle and take the drink from him.

"Thank you Sanji-kun. Happy Valentines Day to you too!" You smile up at him which makes the love cook swoon and prance around, smoke rings in the shape of hearts puff out from his cigarette.

"Sanji I want a milkshake too!" Luffy bats his eyelashes it attempts to get another one.

"No! I already gave you one! Not to mention you drank Usopp's when he wasn't looking!"

"Oh c'mon please!" Luffy throws himself at Sanji's feet and clings onto them with a vice like grip. You laugh to yourself. Everyone's been in a good mood lately. It's nice. Taking a sip from your shake, your mouth salivates at the intense creamy flavor.

"Oh my god!" You take another sip. "This is like heaven!"

"There's more where that came from!" Sanji sang out, finally manage to shake Luffy from his feet. With a kick zooooooom Luffy goes flying through the air and lands flat on his face. You burst out laughing, wiping tears away you set the shake down and hold onto your tummy that was being ravage by laughter. You topple over unable to control it.

"I think you broke her Sanji." Luffy sits up and pouts.

"I didn't mean to!" Sanji reaches out to help you up.

"No-no I'm fine! You guys are too much!" You half heartedly say regaining your composure. "Geez I haven't laughed that hard since Usopp got his head stuck in a cannon."

"I heard that!" He shouts out from atop the crows nest. Which makes Luffy throw his head back and laughs. Nami comes out from the girls room looking at a map,

"We should be reaching land within the hour guys. So make sure we all dock the ship properly before leaving" She shoots a scolding glare in Luffy's direction. "(Y/n) it's your turn to stay and watch the ship when we get to land." Shit.

"Alright, but make sure someone picks up acrylic paints for me! I'm running out of blue." You say and go back to your sketch book.

An hour later...

As everyone leaves the ship you rest against the railing, desperately wishing to be out in the woods capturing the images of foreign animals. You sigh as a certain marimo catches your gaze.

"He didn't even wish me a happy Valentines Day." You frown as he walks away with the others.

Later that night...

Sitting at your desk you vigorously work away at the painting of a Sea King you made a quick sketch of in one of your books. Transferring the image over on a large sheet of parchment, you match the painting with precise detail that was imprinted in your mind.

"It's perfect." You utter to yourself, still alone. "They most likely found motels to stay in, otherwise they would have been back by now." You frown and continue, getting lost in your work.


You pause for a moment. "What was that?"


This time you stand up and pull out a hidden dagger from under your desk and approach the door. Slowly but surly you open the door and pop your head out. Nothing.

"Huh. Must've been my imagination." You turn to close the door when a flower pedal catches your attention laying on the ground. You pick it up and examine it. "It's a (favorite/flower) pedal. What's this doing here?" You emerge completely out of the room and notice a trail. "I'd be stupid not to follow it." And laugh lightly to yourself.

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