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Dawson's Pov
I was walking home when Jack came up to me and hugged me from behind. I gasp in surprise and yelp. "It's just me Dawson." I look at him and weakly smile. "You okay?" He asks, obviously concerned. I nod and force a smile. "I'm fine you just scared me." I turn around and he stands on his tip toe and kisses my cheek. I smile and cup my hand on the back of his neck and kiss him. I feel him put his arms around my neck. a car droves up next to us and he pulls back. "you wanna come over tonight? I'm pretty sure my mom wouldn't care." I nod. "Sure. Sounds like a plan." I smile. his mom is looking at us. he blushes and I open the door for him. "Get in already." I say playfully. He smiles and gets in the car and I get in with him. "Hello Mrs. Antkoviak." She looks at me and smiles. "Well hello to you to Dawson." she turns around and starts driving. I look at Jack and he's looking at the ground, blushing. I open my hand to him and he takes it and I smile. "Don't be so embarrassed that your mom saw us kiss." I whisper to him. he looks at me, eyes wide. I let a soft laugh escape my throat and I kiss his cheek. "Please don't start Dawson." He says sadly. I nod. "Got it. Don't kiss in front of mom." He smiles.

At House

Jack's Pov
Me and Dawson run upstairs after we get to my house. I burst into my room and jump behind my bed because I told Dawson something and he started to tickle me. So I ran. To my room. Scared out of my mind. "Please don't hurt me!" I scream at him. He stops in his tracks. "I-I hurt you?" He looks at me. I shake my head. "I DON'T want you to hurt me". He smiles. "Your wish has been not granted." He walks over to me and sits in front of me. I cower away from him. He scoots closer till he's straddling my lap. I look at him blushing. "Don't move." He tells me and I freeze. he leans closer and slowly puts his lips to mine. I smile in to the kiss and put my arms around his neck. He pulls me on his lap and his hands settle on my hips. Someone knocks on my door and we pull apart and I fall off his lap. "Dinner is ready boys." I hear his dad say.

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