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        She was Yellow. Yellow. Why? Why did she have to be Yellow, but Hina Green? Couldn't she stay with anyone? Couldn't she have anyone that loved her? Her parents gave her up. Hina had to leave  her. No one wanted a Yellow. They- we - were the dangerous ones. I hate being a Yellow, making lights go out, shocking people, hurting them; I don't like it! No one will listen to me when I say it, they just think of me as a monster. They think I just want to hurt them, destroy things. That's what they think. That's why I see no point in talking. It's not like anyone cares. They think we're animals, the PSF's. Animals. They don't give us a choice. It's easier to just force 50 kids to shave their heads from lice, then to actually care about them. It's easier to get rid of your freak-of-a-kid, then to actually think about what might happen to them. It was just easier to think of us as unhuman. Everything was easier than helping the innocent. 

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