Chapter 1. Memories

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Taylor's Pov

They said that love is complicated. Yes it is, I know how complicated it is. It was since two years ago since we Break up. For some complicated reasons. I can't tell her about my situation that time. I'm so afraid that if I die. She could be hurt too much And I won't Let that happen. BTW I'm Taylor James Williams, the man that dreams to live forever only to love a girl.

Flash Back:

I really hate the moment that I'll finally hurt her . I won't let that happen, cause I love her. But I really need to let her go. I know It's is for her own Good.

"Zhie. I think our relationship is over, I'm sorry ". I cried, It was hard because I really love her. And it is hard for me to let go.

" Taylor do you love my best friend?!?"
"Taylor do you still love me??!!."
"Hey Taylor answer me!!!". She keeps shouting and crying., in deeply in my heart I was really hurt about it.

"Zhie, Stop it you don't understand... "
. I felt a massive heart pain. I holded My Chest so I wouldn't fall.

"What is it!!??? Tell me!!. Tell. It to me Taylor !!"

"This is not the right time to tell you. I guess , This is over". I cried and wipe my tears away.

"Please Taylor don't leave me!!, I thought you love me Forever "

"There is no forever in Us!!. ". I left her alone crying. I guess this is the right decision, I don't want her to get hurt more so I started to let go.

"Hey Please, Don't Leave me!!! ". I cried while walking away. I really love her but This isn't the right time to let her know about my situation .

End of Flash Back

I keep realizing that what I've did is wrong. I've hurted her so much. I was a fool, I was a jerk leaving her that way.

"Taylor!!!. Wake Up!!, Wake up!!". I saw my sister crying and holding my hand.

"Where Am I? "

"Your in the hospital Bro, You fainted at your room this morning ".

"We saw you lying at the floor ". My sister even cried

"Urghhh!!!. I hate myself, I can't do anything. I'll just keep lying here with lots of tubes here in my body ".

"Brother, Don't say that please!! " . My sister cried.

"Okay, I won't .Hey bro did you placed the letter under Zhie's Pillow. "

"Yes. Brother don't worry about it. "

"Thanks. I owe you one ".

Knock, Knock Knock

" Hey doc, what seems to be the news? "

"Your brother can be discharge to the hospital . But tell him to be careful. His conditions are not Normal yet".

"I will doc. Thank you ".

"Hey Lil Brother. Let's Go ".

"I'm fine I'll catch up on you later, ".

"Okay. Just be careful, If there is a problem. Call us ".

"I will ".My Brother and sister left me and I suddenly go at the park.

"I've really remember this place. This is the place, is where the first time we met. This is the place where are first date ". I cried when I remember about the past

"I need to tell her , before it is the end . I need to Tell her that I love her this is only my chance. ". I sit through the grasses, Cause it gives me a lot of memories, I cried even more.

"I Wish She will arrived , Zhie I need you"

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