Chapter Seventeen

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“We’re going to a premiere tonight,” James told me when I’d woken up. “What about Anabelle?” I questioned. “Oh, Chris is going to see his family instead of going to the premiere and offered to look after her,” he explained. “Do you want to stay with Uncle Chris tonight?” I asked Anabelle and she nodded. We’d slept for most of the day as none of us could get any sleep on the flight over here.

“Chris is going to pick her up at five,” James told me and I nodded, getting out of bed. It was four in the afternoon. “I should get ready,” I said as I went into the bathroom.

When I was showered, I picked out a nice dress from my suitcase before changing into it. Chris picked up Anabelle before I dried my hair. Then James kept trying to distract me while I sorted out my hair and makeup and I must’ve launched the same pillow at him a good six times. “Right, are we going to this premiere?” I asked and he nodded.

James and I met the rest of the lads, excluding Chris in the hotel lobby. When we arrived at the premiere, I was taken to the side so photographs could be taken of the band before photographs were taken of James and I. “Mate, she’s well fit,” I heard one of the lads say. They were all looking at someone and as I followed their gaze I found out who.

“Guys, stop drooling,” I told them. There was a woman with long blonde hair and beautiful facial features stood in front of a load of photographers. She had the most gorgeous dress on which showed off her stunning figure. “How can we? She’s Mia Willis. She’s flawless,” Barclay said and I wacked his arm.

When Mia was finished with all the press I was surprised to see her walk over to the band. “You’re Stereo Kicks, right?” she asked and the lads nodded. “I’m such a big fan of you,” she told them. They all grinned but I raised my eyebrows. Something about her seemed…off.

“This might sound silly and you might not want to but I’d love to collaborate on a song sometime,” she told the lads. Mia Willis used to be the lead singer of what once was the world’s biggest girl band. But they split up a couple of years ago and since then she had made quite the name for herself. “That would be brilliant,” Charlie replied with a huge smile on his face.

The lads chatted to Mia for a little longer and I went completely unnoticed by her. When we finally went into the premiere, I grabbed Tom’s arm and pulled him to the side. “Tom, I know this is going to sound stupid but something seems off with Mia,” I told him and he nodded. “I get what you mean. But if she’s serious about this collaboration then it’ll be great for our career,” he explained. “Just keep an eye out,” I whispered before the two of us caught up with the lads.

After the premiere, Mia came over to chat to the lads again. “Hey, how about you all come to my hotel and we can have drinks,” she suggested. I glanced at Tom who was slightly frowning. “That’d be great,” James piped up. I placed my hand over my baby bump. What was he expecting me to do? I had to get back to the hotel to meet Chris and Anabelle.

I cleared my throat, gaining the attention of all the lads and Mia. “Uh…James, I thought we were going back to the hotel to pick up Anabelle…my daughter,” I told my husband. “You can go back to the hotel on your own can’t you? The lads and I would like to discuss some business,” Mia told me with a plastic smile on her lips. “James…Babe…are you coming with me or not?” I asked him. “Wait, are you his girlfriend?” Mia questioned. I looked down at my baby bump then back up at Mia. “I’m his wife,” I replied with a hint of annoyance in my voice. “Jaz, let’s go back to the hotel,” Tom piped up. I shot Mia a glare before leaving the premiere with Tom.

When we arrived at the hotel, I went up to Chris’ hotel room. Anabelle was asleep on the sofa in Chris’ room. Tom lifted her up and carried her into the room I was sharing with James. He laid her down in the bed and tucked her in. “Thanks, Tom,” I said with a smile. “Don’t worry about Mia too much. She can’t hurt your family,” he told me before giving me a hug. “I won’t,” I replied before he left the room.

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