Wedding bells? I think yes

from a poorly made wedding dress covered in dirt stains and sweat to a wedding ring made of long pieces of grass tied together it was a perfect wedding.

You had arrived in the glade a year ago, instantly having a connection to Newt.

You couldn't tell if it was his deep brown eyes that made you swoon or if it was the way his smile could brighten your day or maybe it was the way he talks, soothing and calmly.

All of the glader boys were setting up the wedding, the boys had made little bow ties and -tried- cleaned their shirts just for this event.

Each boy had a special part; Chuck was flower boy, Alby was Newt's best man and the wedding bearer, Minho and Thomas were the groomsmen.

Frypan was making the food, Gally who actually wanted to help was building the arch and who would also walk you down the isle.

You were sat in the homestead, staring at yourself in the reflection of the water. You were shaking, you were finally marrying the boy you had stared at secretly and fell in love with the moment you saw him.

You peeked outside to where the wedding was held, watching every taking a seat on the chairs they had lamely placed in rows, Chuck holding his small amount of flowers in a basket and all the boys wearing their bows and washed clothes.

You walked back over to check yourself in the mirror once more. You kept reassuring yourself that this would all go well.

You were marrying Newt, why wouldn't you be fine. As you heard Clint and Jeff lamely singing a tune they made up called the "bridal walking down the aisle" song Gally walked into the homestead.

"You sure you want to do this?" Gally asked in a unsure voice, you nodded, words not able to escape your lips.

"Because I mean newt is kind of flimsy and he limps. He's not very romantic. He elbowed you in the chin remember!" Gally defiantly didn't want this to happen.

"G-Gally I'm nervous okay. I'm shaking in these run down boots of mine, but I love newt so much." You explained.

Gally nodded and held out his arm, you wrapped yours around his and walked out into the open.

Newt stood there staring at you. A slight smile on his face as he watched you awkwardly walk down the "aisle".

You kissed Gallys cheek before he walked to stand next to Newt, and now you stood in front of him.

Alby began to talk, not knowing of much to say with no memory of it but talked about staying with one person who you love for the rest of your life and a little of marriage and what it means.

You stood silent staring at the ground listening to Alby talk. "You look beautiful." Newt says, his voice quiet to not interupt Alby.

"Thank you." You whispered back as a blush formed on your cheeks. Newt took your hands in his, it felt as if it were a puzzle piece and you had finally completed the puzzle.

It felt, amazing.

"Today we are here to let Newt and Y/N complete the bond of love." Albys voice pulled you out of your thoughts.

Newt was saying his vows now. "Y/N, the first day you arrived in the glade I helped you out of the box and then accidentally elbowed you in the face. I was lucky though, I was lucky you are such a forgiving girl to give me a second chance. I remember my elbow contacting your face and for the two seconds I felt something and I knew I needed more of it. As the time passed on we became closer and every day you grew more and more beautiful to me. Y/N I'm so glad I elbowed you, if not I wouldn't of noticed how beautiful and amazing you are. I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful woman standing in front of me today." Newt paused, wiping his eye before taking your hand in his.

"Y/N you make me weak at my knees, my heart pumps when your around me and I have no control over myself when you smile at me. I'm so lucky to have you in my life even in this shucked situation we're in. Here's my promise to you my love; we'll get out of this together, I'll have you if you will have me?"

Tears were in your eyes as you tried your hardest not to let then fall.

It was your turn for vows.

"I don't remember anything of my past, I don't remember my family or my last name but I do remember the first day we met. It was very painful when i met you, my nose was bleeding but once I heard your voice I didn't care. I didn't care if I had no legs because in that moment in time you were all I thought about. Every day I got up just to see you, I'm not sure even now if it's the way you talk to me, or if it's your smile. No matter what it is, I fall a little harder for you everyday. Today I'm committing my love to you and I'm so greatful I met you, because there is no one else I would rather be with. I don't have to know my parents to realise if they were here with us now they would say "good job". I love you like crazy Newt and yes, I will have you, forever till the end of time."

More words were spoken and Alby made a speech, you hadn't realised you were crying until Newt reached up and wiped away a stray tear on your cheek.

"Do you, Newt take Y/N to be your lawfully wedded wife, In sickness or grievers until death do you part?" Alby said staring at Newt.

"I do." He spoke staring into your eyes.

"And do you, Y/N take Newt to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and grievers until death do you part?"

You took a deep breath in, staring back into newts eyes.

"I do."

I wrote this imagine so if it's not 100% now you know why.

Honestly have no idea what's going on with this guy in my grade. Like he keeps talking to me, looking at me, smiling at me, trying to distract me from my work, he'll like "drop" things near me and ask me to pick it up, he'll get his friends to do things and he always asks for my earphones. HELP!

ily guys <3

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