Chapter 1 - First Sight

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"Yes dad!!!! I'll be home by 9. Yes!!! Of course don't worry I am 23 I am big girl. Yep, I'll have dinner too. You just take care and I shall be home even before you notice. Ohkk gotta go. Talk to you later. Love you" My dad, always so protective of me. I am 23 but still with him I feel like 12. Yeaahhhh he loves me a lot especially after my mom died of cancer. He loves me a lot and I love him too. Also he is always too much concerned about me which is why he called me today to inform me that I shouldn't be late beyond 9. I work at a small publishing house call New York Publishers, 20 minutes away from my house. And today my boss has a very important meeting with some very important clients whom I don't know. My boss Mr. Tom Fredrick is one of the grumpiest person I have ever met in my life. He keeps on yelling at me to get him coffee. But jeez why should I?? Can't somebody tell him that I am not his personal secretary and he can ask his secretary Emily to get him the damn coffee? But no, no one messes with Mr. Grumpy pants and talk about the secretary Emily, she might be somewhere in the office flirting with the guys of practically having a good time with Mr. Grumpy pants in his cabin. And I'm here doing her work more than mine. I don't understand what is her problem and why can't she just let me be. Its 7.30 and it's the hour of the meet to begin but there is no sign of any of the clients. I'm alone in the office with Mr. Grumpy pants. Sometimes I do feel I'm the secretary here, huhh and believe me when I say that I hate it. My cell phone is minimal charged and can go dead anytime and I won't be able to contact my dad who is waiting for me at home and here I'm probably waiting for some so called clients. Suddenly, by 8 two black Mercedes pull out of NYP from which comes out 4 men dressed completely in black suits. I do get the feeling of 'Men in Black' here. I am sitting at my desk that is first one from the entrance to the right. All MIB ignore me and move towards Grumpy's cabin. They enter and they lock it. And once again I am left out all alone but I'd be lying if I say I am not curious about the MIB and this weird meeting. It's been one hour now that I have been waiting for this secret meeting to get over but it seems nowhere near it. Its already 9 and my stupid cell phone is dead and I really hope dad doesn't get worried. I sit near the reception area with a coffee in my hand which is my 3 since the meeting started and I am really bored. I don't understand what this meeting is about and what are they doing in so long. Who are these guys??? Why are they here??? What connections does Tom have with them??? I was lost in my own world when I heard the door open and the MIB stepped out. And as they arrived they departed IGNORING ME. But actually I am happy about it because from what I saw I found them really dangerous so it's better to be ignored by them rather than coming to their attention. Isn't it?? I turned to find Mr. Grumpy standing right outside his cabin looking pale and it struck me. I should keep my mind to my business and my mouth closed. Yeahhh that's right. I looked at my watch and its 11.30 p.m. and I was damn late and my dad was going to be deadly pissed off at me. I took Tom's leave and stepped out of the office and found it was damn pouring. Can this day get worse?? I started on my way to my house. Suddenly I heard something behind me. I turned to see what was behind me but there was nothing. Might have been my illusions. I started walking, then again and again I heard a sound similar as the previous one. Again there was no one. I turned and started walking with a quite higher heart beat rate than the normal. Suddenly, I felt it. There was something behind me, following me, glaring at me, then I heard the sound again. Its footsteps, yes its footsteps. Then again I felt it, I heard it, I stopped, I turned and I saw it, I SAW HIM.

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