Chapter 13

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( Saturday)

Nagisa: Hi!

Kyoya: Um hey?

Nagisa: Do you kind if we start saying good morning to you?

Kyoya: that's going to be annoying...

Yuki: Hey!

Misaki: Who're these guys?

Nile: I'm Nile

Benkei: I'm benkei

Damure: and I'm Damure

Nagisa: nice to meet you! I'm Nagisa!

Misaki: I'm misaki!

Yuki: Hey Kyoya! Don't you hurt Natsu ever again! Oh hi I'm yuki!

Kyoya: Ok... So we all know each other so what now?

Yuki: Let's go to the mall!!

( Natsu rides on her motorcycle)

Natsu: ( takes off helmet) Hey!

Misaki: Hi

Yuki: Don't go by Kyoya! I don't trust him!

Nagisa: Just ignore her... She's so protective...

Nile: Just like Benkei

Benkei: Hey!

Damure: So do you guys want to go to the mall or not?

All: Ok

( mall)

Misaki: Us girls are gonna go shopping!

Yuki:Natsu you have to shop with us!

Natsu: But I want to go with the guys-

( all three girls drag her)

Natsu: Stop!!!

Nile : so guys, what do you guys want to do?

Damure: Let's go grab some food first.

Benkei:I love food!

Kyoya: Ok! ( smiles)

All: Kyoya!

Kyoya: What?

Damure: You just smiled? Are you ok?

Nile: I think he's sick! He has a fever!

Benkei: He's sick!!! ( crying)

Kyoya: Benkei! Guys! Calm down! It's just a smile!

Damure: Highschool life has changed you...

Nile: Or has it? ( smirk)

Benkei: Nile what're you thinking of?

Nile: Natsu, is the reason why your like this Kyoya, she makes you happy.

Kyoya: No, I mean she just makes me want to laugh and punch her but i have this weird feeling inside of me? I don't what it is...

Damure: Kyoya, do you like her?

Kyoya: No

Benkei: You better not! I'm the only one who need to be by your side!

Kyoya:( chuckles) you're so funny Benkei...

Kyoya: ( in mind) I wonder what the girls are doing...

( girls)

Natsu: Ugh! I don't match pink!

Yuki: It looks Kawaii on you!!

Nagisa: Yuki we're here to shop not to dress in random clothes...

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